Summer Road Trip 2022: Part Two – Leisure Travel Van Caravan Tour of Idaho

The road to Idaho.

Immediately after the Southwest Roadrunner’s Leisure Travel Van (LTV) rally in Reno, Nevada we started our LTV caravan tour of Idaho. Our itinerary for this years caravan tour started in Reno with a 4 hour drive to Wells, Nevada. This years caravan had 12 Leisure Travel Vans, including ours.

Rest stop just west of Wells, Nevada. From left: Frank, Tai (back to us) and Towney.

Our itinerary for the tour of Idaho was planned to be a 17 night/18 day adventure. We will visit Hagerman/Twin Falls; Glenns Ferry/Three Islands State Park; Boise; Cascade; McCall; Lewiston/Hells Gate State Park; Lake Coeur d’Alene/Heyburn State Park; Hamilton, Montana; Stanley/Sawtooth Mountains; Arco/Craters of the Moon National Monument; and American Falls, Idaho.

Wells, Nevada

Wells, Nevada RV park.
Wells, Nevada RV park.
From the road in southeastern Idaho.
From the road in southeastern Idaho.

Twin Falls, Idaho

Our first stop in southern Idaho was at the Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls and Hagerman, Idaho. The water was low for this time of year, (May) but still beautiful.

Shoshone Falls.
Snake River.
Shoshone Falls video.
Shoshone Falls.
Looking at the Shoshone Falls LTV owners from left: MaryAnn, Jane, Tai, Debra and Tom with their dog, Kelsea.
Video at the Twin Falls visitor center.
Marmots at the edge of the cliffs around Snake River.

Hagerman, Idaho

Hagerman, Idaho.
Hagerman RV Park.

Pics from the Road in Idaho

From the road in southern Idaho.
From the road in Idaho
Video at Malad Gorge
Malad Gorge
From the road in Idaho.
Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho
Almost every night we gathered together to talk about our day of exploring the area and to discuss what the itinerary will be for the next day. (Photo by Peter Coad)
MaryAnn and me. (Photo by Peter Coad)
The card game called, Skip-Bo became a regular activity after our meetings. (Photo by Peter Coad)
Skip-Bo can become addictive. (Photo by Peter Coad)

Cascade, Idaho

Cascade, Idaho

We lost the latch in the door to our LTV while we were in Reno just before we left for this trip. Not a show stopper, the deadbolt still worked so we continued on with our caravan tour of Idaho as planned.

Waters Edge RV Park in Cascade

However, on the highway between Twin Falls and Hagerman, Idaho the house door started rattling and shaking as we were going down the road to the point that I thought we might lose the door. So I strapped the door in place with a strong tie down strap that Tai, another LTV owner on the tour had given me. After talking to Leisure Travel Vans in Canada and calling around to local RV dealers in the area as we were traveling, I found out that the entire door lock would have to be replaced and no one had one available.

Our door latch fell out of the lock onto the ground in Reno, Nevada.

I finally found the lock I needed on Amazon and made arrangements for it to be shipped to McCall. Idaho to the RV park we were going to be staying at a few days later. But in Boise after texting a picture to various repair shops, I found a dealer about 10 miles from the High Valley RV Park where we were staying that had the lock assembly in stock. On our way to our next stop in Cascade we stopped and bought the lock assembly and cancelled the Amazon order, thinking “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.”

The latch from our house door.
The new lock we picked up at a RV service shop in Boise.
Our Leisure Travel Van at Waters Edge in Cascade, Idaho. This is where we replaced the door lock with the help of Towney, one of the LTV owners traveling with us on the caravan tour.

One of the benefits of traveling with other LTV owners is that when things don’t go as planned there are people who can help solve the many challenges that can occur while we are on the road.

On our Alaska caravan in 2018, one of our solar panels on the roof caught on fire. There were ten LTV owners also in our caravan who came running to help us with this problem.

Waters Edge RV Park, Cascade, Idaho.

McCall, Idaho

Our LTV at McCall RV Park, McCall, Idaho
McCall, Idaho
Skip-Bo at McCall at the lodge in the RV park. What else is there to do when it’s raining for almost the entire time we were at McCall. (Photo by Peter Coad)
From left: me (in Desert Storm hat), Paulette (blue jacket), Tom (green jacket), Judy (brown shirt), Jane (grey jacket), Tai (orange shirt), MaryAnn (grey jacket next to me). Photo by Peter Coad)
On one of our nights in McCall we had a fellowship dinner to celebrate and commemorate Memorial Day. (Photo by Peter Coad)
At the end of the Memorial Day dinner we took a group picture of our LTV Caravan Idaho Tour 2022. Front: MaryAnn and me; Second row from left: Wendy, Towney, Debra. Tom, Mary and Jon; Third row from left: Pete, Judy, Doug, Jim, Linda, Byrnece, Frank, Jenifer and Dave; Last row from left: Kerry, Maureen, Tai, Jane, Paulette and Danny. (Photo by Peter Coad)

Of the 12 couples that joined us on this years caravan tour, 6 couples were with us on last years tour of southern Arizona. The southern Arizona tour lasted 12 nights and covered all of southern Arizona south of Tucson.

Rained a lot at McCall. Fortunately the Traveling Pups were ready for the rain in their new raincoats.
Don’t Luna look excited about their new raincoats!
Peeta looks so thrilled about his coat!
The neighbors stopped by for a visit at our campsite at McCall.

Hells Gate State Park, Lewiston, Idaho

Entrance to Hells Gate State Park.
Wild Turkeys near our campsite at Hells Gate State Park.
Lewiston, Idaho
Our campsite at Hells Gate State Park.
Video from the road to Lewiston, Idaho.

Heyburn State Park, Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Campfire gathering at Heyburn State Park. (Photo by Peter Coad)
Our gatherings at the end of the day was always a highlight. (Photo by Peter Coad)
Video of e-bike ride at Heyburn State Park near Lake Coeur d’Alene
Eagle next to the bike trail in Heyburn State Park
Tai and Jane pausing for a selfie during our bike ride in Heyburn.
Going fishing near Lake Coeur d’Alene
Heyburn State Park
Lake Coeur d’Alene
Lake Coeur d’Alene

Hamilton, Montana

Anglers Roost RV park in Montana. We had to stop in Montana on our way to the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho.

In order to travel to the Sawtooth Mountains from the Lake Coeur d’Alene area we had to take interstate 90 east through Montana. There were mountains in our way that we had to go around since our LTVs don’t have wings.

After the rain in Hamilton, Montana. (Photo by Wendy Uncles)
Angler’s Roost RV Park, Hamilton, Montana. (Photo by Wendy Uncles)
Angler’s Roost was all about fishing.

Custer City, Idaho – Ghost Town.

The road to Custer City Ghost Town.

We took a side trip to see a ghost town called Custer City. It’s the ruins of an abandoned mining town from the 1800’s. There are volunteers there dressed in the clothing worn by the long gone residence of the town who will answer any questions about the people who once lived here.

Views from the road to Custer City.
Road to Custer City.
Views from the road to Custer City.
One of the buildings still standing in Custer City.
Views from the road to Custer City.
Custer City.

If you ever find yourself driving through the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, I highly recommend stopping here at Custer City. It requires driving on a dirt road for a few miles, but definitely worth it. There’s a lot of sad stories here at Custer, stories of how the people lived in this harsh environment and also how they died. Most died from the extreme harsh winters, the town was completely isolated and cut off from the outside world for several months each year. Its amazing what people are willing to do, especially in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries for the hope of sticking it rich.

When driving the road to Custer, it will also take you back in time in an area that still bears the scars from over 200 years ago when the miners used large water cannons to blast away the sides of the mountains looking for gold. You can see large piles of gravel on each side of the road from these water cannons.

Stanley, Idaho – Sawtooth Mountains

For me one of the highlights of the tour of Idaho are the Sawtooth Mountains. I must to see in person.
Sawtooth Mountains.
Salmon River – Sawtooth Mountains.
Sawtooth Mountains.
Sawtooth Mountains.
Sawtooth Mountains.
Salmon River – Sawtooth Mountains.
Our group went out to dinner at the Mountain Village Restaurant in Stanley. Great place!
Video of upper level at the Stanley RV Park, Sawtooth Mountains.
Salmon River in the Sawtooth Mountains.
Sawtooth Mountains.

Arco, Idaho – Craters of the Moon National Monument

On our way to Arco, Idaho we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument. Craters of the Moon is all about the volcano activity here in Idaho. Interesting place that reminded me a lot of Big Island, Hawaii.

Evidence of volcanos are everywhere here.
Craters of the Moon.
Craters of the Moon.
Lava flow at Craters of the Moon.
Craters of the Moon.
The road to Arco. Idaho.
The parking lot of the first nuclear power plant in the world. Arco.
The museum at the nuclear power plant also shows how it was built and how the whole process works. From left: Danny, MaryAnn and Paulette.
The road to Arco, Idaho.
Parking lot at the Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho.
Me and MaryAnn at the Potato Museum. At the end of the tour you can order a giant baked potato for lunch. Then go across the street to a great homemade ice cream shop, called Candy Jar.

Pics from the Road in Idaho

American Falls, Idaho.

Our last fellowship gathering to end our tour of Idaho. The next day everyone went their separate ways.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups on one of her many walks during the trip. Almost every morning she would meet up with some of the other LTV travelers to walk in the area where we were camped.
American Falls, Idaho
Our grand finally gathering at our campsite in American Falls.

After our 18 day trip through Idaho ended, the next day MaryAnn and I continued traveling with two other LTV owners to the Grand Teton National Park and beyond. Stay tuned to see what happens in our next post as we continue our Summer Road trip 2022…

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