Summer Road Trip 2022: Part One – Road to Reno and Lake Tahoe

White Tank Mountains, May 2022.

Listen… Can you hear them… Can you hear the little voices calling? It’s the road calling, and we must obey…

All systems go! We had to do some work on the Tiny House to get ready for our summer road trip.

We replaced our refrigerator which took an entire day to do since we chose to go with the NorCold refrigerator instead of the original Dometic refrigerator. The NorCold was less expensive, about $600 less than the Dometic and slightly smaller. We also replaced the sealant on the roof, reattached the bathroom cabinet to the wall and replaced the pee-trap under the bathroom sink. Our house door latch and locks needed to be replaced, however that turned out to be more complicated than we had expected since the lock on the house door is connected to the door FOB for the cab doors. We did replaced the latch for the screen door, but left the outside door lock alone since we would lose the use of the FOB if we replaced it.

White Tank Mountains west of Phoenix.
When we are in the Phoenix area we prefer to camp in the White Tank Mountain County Park.
Selfie at 70 mph! On the road from Phoenix to Las Vegas.
On the road to Las Vegas.
I do enjoy a good straight road.

After spending the night at a friends house in Las Vegas, we continued our trip to Reno. A long the way we stoped at a state park called Fort Churchill. This park is a day use only park that contains ruins of a fort from back in the 1800”s and a museum. Allow about an hour and a half if you plan to stop here. The park is located on State Route 95 west of Las Vegas.

MaryAnn, the traveling pups and our friend and fellow Leisure Travel Van traveler, Tai at Fort Churchill.
Ruins at Fort Churchill.
Keep an eye out for these guys, they could ruin your day.
Tai at the museum in Fort Churchill.
Tai’s better half, Jane at the museum.
Our Leisure Travel Van with Tai and Jane’s. The silver one is Tai and Jane’s.
State Route 95 from Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada.

Pics from the road to Reno, Nevada.

Not as barren as you would think.
We stopped at this RV park to sleep for the night before continuing our road trip to Reno.
Not sure how this RV park got 4 stars out of 5 rating, but it worked as an overnight stop.

More Pics from the Road

We spent a week in the Reno area participating in a Southwest Roadrunners Leisure Travel Van Rally.
Gold Ranch sits on the border of California and Nevada so if you’re interested you could play the California Lotto while you’re here. We did not.

Pics from Lake Tahoe

We took a day trip to Lake Tahoe while we were at the rally in Reno. Never been to Lake Tahoe before so I got to check it off my list.
Lake Tahoe is surrounded by mountains.
We took a boat tour of the lake.
The water was as smooth as glass that day.

Stay tuned. Next time we will continue our road trip adventure of 2022 as we lead a group of Leisure Travel Van (LTV) travelers (12 LTVs counting ours) on a 17 day †our of Idaho.

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