Summer Road Trip 2022: Part Three – Grand Teton National Park & Yellowstone

The three amigos! Leisure Travel Vans, Unity.

Immediately following the Leisure Travel Van (LTV) Caravan Tour of Idaho 2022 we started part three of our summer road trip with two other LTV couples. On this part of our summer adventure we head for the Grand Teton National Park and then on to Yellowstone. Along the way we have the privilege of seeing more wildlife then I think we saw on our entire caravan through the Maritimes in 2019, a 7 month journey from our home in southern Arizona.

Center: MaryAnn; From left: Paulette, me, Danny; Second row from left: Nathan and Paula.

A much smaller caravan this time with plans to explore as many of the national parks as we can on our way to scout out the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for our next caravan tour in 2023.

Since we purchased our LTV in September 2017 we set a goal for ourselves to visit every state in the Union with our LTV. In 4 1/2 years of ownership (soon to be 5) and over 80,000 miles, we have only 7 states left to visit: Hawaii (of course), Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We intend to fulfill this goal on this trip through the mid-west. Obviously we won’t be taking our LTV to Hawaii – we had to get on a plane in order to check it off the list.

Pics from the Road – American Falls, Idaho to The Grand Teton National Park

We stopped to stretch our legs in route to Grand Teton National Park. From left: Paula, Nathan, and MaryAnn.
Saw this juvenile moose running across a farm field in eastern Idaho. He looked confused and was definitely out of place.

Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton National Park is one of our favorite of the national parks. We were here last year and back again this year, looking at these majestic giants never gets old for us.

Moose along the road in the Grand Teton National Park.
Our campsite here at one of the many campgrounds either in or just outside the park.

If you plan to camp inside the park I recommend getting reservations 6 months to a year in advance. Last year we managed to get 2 nights inside the park. This year we were just outside the main gate about a mile at Gros Ventre Campground.

We managed to get campsites very close to each other.

Grand Teton Mountain Range

Grand Teton Mountains
Grand Teton Mountains
Grand Teton Mountains
Grand Teton Mountains
Waiting in line to enter Grand Teton National Park. It wasn’t long.
Hidden Falls Trail near Jenny Lake.
Hidden Falls. From left: Paulette, MaryAnn, Paula.
Hidden Falls. MaryAnn and me.
Video of Hidden Falls.
Hidden Falls.
Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons.
Boat ride across Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls trail. Front row, from left: Nathan, Paula, Danny; back row from left: MaryAnn, me, Paulette.
Video of crossing Jenny Lake.
The view from our campsite in the Grand Tetons.
View from Gros Ventre Campground.
Square at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. MaryAnn and me. Every year the Elk shed their antlers.

Pics from the road between Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

This lake still had ice on it in June.
Buffalo or Bison.
Snow along the sides of the road was prevalent.


This Grizzly Bear and her three cubs were right next to the road. I took this picture from about 20 yards away.
Traffic jams occur often in Yellowstone when the bison are on the move.
People started getting to close.
The park rangers had to step in to control the crowd when some of the bison became obviously agitated.

Pics from the Road in Yellowstone

Mountain goats in Yellowstone
The Yellowstone western entrance from Montana.
We spent the night at a national forest campground in Montana, not far from Gardiner. Cost $8.
Our campsite in the national forest.
Views from our campsite in the national forest.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Yellowstone this year. We did stop to watch Old Faithful again. Next post we continue east from the national forest in Montana to Cody, Wyoming and then on to Devil’s Tower.

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