The Las Vegas Leisure Travel Van Rally 2022

We traveled to Las Vegas in early February to attend the annual winter rally of the Leisure Travel Van Southwest Roadrunners Travel Club. This year around 80 Leisure Travel Vans (LTV) and their owners were in attendance.

It’s always an exciting experience to see so many LTV’s in the same place and to meet up with fellow owners. MaryAnn and I love traveling in our LTV, but even more than that, we love to fellowship with our LTV friends.

Picture from our campsite at Burro Creek on Arizona route 93.
Our campsite at one of our favorite campgrounds, Burro Creek on Arizona route 93 just south of the Hoover Dam.
The Arizona – Nevada border at the Hoover Dam.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on this trip for two reasons: one, I was driving for a change and two, we have traveled this road to Las Vegas many times and have many pictures of this route in other posts.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
The entrance to Lake Mead.
This picture reminds me of our trip to Alaska in 2018. This is the back of our friends, Dick & Shirley’s LTV. We followed them a lot in Alaska.
Some of the LTV’s at the Oasis RV park at the Las Vegas Southwest Roadrunners rally.
Around 80 LTV’s in attendance at the rally.
Just a glimpse
MaryAnn just before going into the operating room for surgery to repair her dislocated shoulder and broken arm. The surgeon put seven screws in her arm!

Unfortunately while ridding our electric bikes on a mountain trail at Lake Mead, MaryAnn hit some lose gravel causing the bike to go in one direction while she flew off in another direction. When she landed in the gravel, just missing several very large boulders by inches, the impact with the ground caused her left humerus to be jammed up into her shoulder.

MaryAnn also hit her head, but fortunately she was wearing a helmet and sustained no injuries to her head. However, she dislocated he shoulder and broke her humerus in six places.

Since we were out in the middle of nowhere on a trail in the national park, I called the park visitor center for help. Thankfully my cell phone had enough service available for me to make the call.

It took over an hour for the park rangers to find us since the trail we were on was so long. In fact the search party had to use the GPS coordinates from my phone to finally pin point our location. Fortunately we were not alone, our friends, Dick and Shirley who had been ridding with us were there helping and praying for MaryAnn while we waited for the park rangers to find us.

When the search party arrived in four SUV’s, there were four park rangers all packing firearms and wearing bulletproof vests. The rangers tried to reset MaryAnn’s dislocated shoulder unsuccessfully, not knowing her arm was also broken. They had called for an ambulance, however the ambulance was having trouble getting to us due to our remote location. By the time MaryAnn was placed in the ambulance the rangers had to administer Fentanyl for pain and it was now after dark.

I had to ride my bike back to our RV (about six miles) where one of the rangers met me with MaryAnn’s bike. After packing up the bikes in the RV, I followed our friends, Dick and Shirley 30 miles to the hospital.

After several hours in the emergency room she was released. The surgeon there in Las Vegas told us the arm was broken, but surgery wasn’t necessary. However, when we arrived home in Arizona a few days later and went to an orthopedic surgeon, we discovered surgery was an absolute must, since the arm was not only broken in six places and twisted, facing the wrong direction.

MaryAnn has a long road to recovery. But we hope to be ready for our summer road trip at the end of May. Please keep her in your prayers.

Our campsite at Oasis RV Park in Las Vegas.
While we were in Las Vegas we had an opportunity to meet up with my cousin Greg and his with Ann. This was the night before MaryAnn’s accident.
On our way home to southern Arizona we stopped for the night at one of our other favorite campgrounds in the White Tank Mountains just west of Phoenix.

Some of our friends and family think we should sell our electric bikes because they seem to be a little dangerous. Right now MaryAnn intends on getting back on her bike as soon as she heals up. MaryAnn says she wants to keep ridding as long as she can and enjoy life to the utmost! Let the adventures continue! See you on the road for as long as we can afford it…

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  1. We experienced a similar bike accident last July, 2021. My wife Sandy also fell on her ebike while at the FMCA rally in Gillette, Wyo. She was hospitalized with a broken leg at the knee. Followed by two long, hard days of riding in the rear of our UTB back to Texas. We pray for Mary Ann’s speedy recovery.

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