the road through Alabama

Interstate 10 Series:

Interstate 10 east continues from Mississippi through a very small part of Alabama off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, taking us through the city of Mobile. It’s in Mobile we had our first tunnel experience in our Leisure Travel Van (there really is a bright light at the end of the tunnel).

Mobile is a very beautiful and interesting city. We especially enjoyed our visit to the USS Battleship Alabama Memorial Park within a stones throw from Interstate 10. Take a look at the area around Mobile, Alabama on Interstate 10….

One of the many bridges in Mobile, Alabama on Interstate 10.
Mobile, Alabama.
A bridge into Mobile several miles away from I-10 picture taken with a zoom lens on a rainy day.
George C Wallace Tunnel under Mobile River.
Downtown Mobile.
Easy access to Battleship Memorial Park from Interstate 10.
Me and MaryAnn in front of the USS Battleship Alabama.
One of many tanks on display at Battleship Memorial Park.
9-11 Memorial at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama.
9-11 Memorial.
One of many memorials for all the foreign wars Americans fought in throughout history.
A retired submarine on display.
An international memorial.
Vietnam Memorial.
USS Battleship Alabama.
The Interstate 10, nine mile bridge over Polecat Bay, Chacaloochee Bay, Mobile Bay and onto Pensacola, Florida.
Part of the I-10 bridge.
The I-10 bridge from Mobile, Alabama to Florida goes on for around 9 miles.
Rainy day in Mobile, Alabama on the I-10 bridge over Chacaloochee Bay.

Mobile, Alabama and the USS Battleship Memorial Park are definitely worth a stop-look-see during your next trip on Interstate 10. The Memorial Park is inspirational and a respectful way of honoring those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Interstate 10 continues east into the Panhandle of Florida next. Come along as we travel east on our journey from southern Arizona to the east coast of the United States…

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