the road through the louisiana bayou

Interstate 10 Series:

Interstate 10 continues east after leaving Texas. Louisiana is next and it enters the scene with “The Strangest Bridge.” (See my earlier post about this bridge.) Southern Louisiana is about water; the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the swamps of the Bayou with alligators and alligator snapping turtles –

Alligator Snapping Turtle, “one of the heaviest fresh water turtles in the world and the largest in North America.” ref. picture & quote taken from Alligator snapping turtle – Wikipedia

Also the Bayou offers snakes bigger than you, Sasquatch and other legendary creatures no one wants to talk about. Of course, I can neither confirm or deny the existence of Sasquatch or other legendary creatures. But the bayou offers much more then just the chance to come face to face with scary creatures, the culture and beauty of the area is something you don’t want to miss. Take a look at the Interstate 10 corridor through Louisiana…

The strangest bridge at the border of Texas and Louisiana. See my earlier post on this bridge.
The Sabine River on the border Texas and Louisiana.
The water ways of Louisiana.
Water, water everywhere.
We love state parks, they provide much more room than most privately owned RV parking lots. Of course, if you just need space to sleep, anything will do.
MaryAnn and our Tiny House in the rain at Sam Houston Jones State Park, Louisiana off Interstate 10.
One of the walk ways through the Bayou in Sam Houston Jones State Park.
We had more than enough space to spread out at Sam Houston Jones State Park.
Watch out! There’s danger lurking about just beneath the surface of the Bayou…
Interstate 10 through Louisiana.
We stopped at one of the many privately owned RV parks just off I-10 in Louisiana. This one is near Frog City, Louisiana, we liked the theme of this park.
Our campsite at Frog City RV Park.
Frog City RV Park.
More water ways through Louisiana.
Not all water…
We also stopped at Tickfaw State Park near Springfield, Louisiana. Like the name, watch out for ticks! There are signs everywhere warning of this danger! Don’t forget about alligators either! Creatures small and great, both are dangerous…
Tickfaw State Park.
Swamps in Tickfaw State Park.
We had to keep a close eye on the Traveling Pups to protect against alligators and ticks.
Tickfaw State Park.
Mississippi is next on the I-10 corridor as we continue east.

Louisiana is a very interesting and beautiful state. We still have much to see and experience here, but for now Interstate 10 continues east to Mississippi…

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