the road through southern texas

Interstate 10 Series:

Our drive through Texas on Interstate 10 will take us through small towns like Van Horn, Fort Stockton, Ozona, Kerrville, Luling, Columbus and Winnie. Interstate 10 also goes through large cities like El Paso in the west, San Antonio, Houston and Beaumont in the east. the topography of Texas varies from the western desert and rolling hills to tall forests in the east. We love the large open expanse of Texas as it spreads out far and wide in front of us while we journey across it on Interstate 10. But this post only covers a small portion of the state on the route 10 east corridor. The rest of Texas will be examined in another post, probably more than one. For now look at southern Texas from Interstate 10 east…

Texas is huge. Texans can’t be satisfied with a simple border sign that says, “Welcome to Texas!” They have to have something that depicts how BIG Texas is, a statue of the “Lone Star State” will suffice! Texas after all was a sovereign country before it was a state.
Our Tiny House in Anthony, Texas – our first stop when entering Texas from New Mexico on interstate 10 east.
Just off the highway is a huge RV park called Road Host RV. This is usually where we spend the night before we begin our over 850 mile journey across Texas on Interstate 10.
Our Leisure Travel Van parked for the night at Road Host RV, Anthony, Texas.
At Road Host RV. We use a KOMO Storage Chest on the back for our ebikes.
The long open road through Texas.
These wind mills are common place out on the open range in Texas.
Interstate 10 east.
Open land in west Texas.
Notice the speed limit on Interstate 10 is 80 mph in Texas.
Yucca are a common sight in west Texas.
This water tower looks more like some kind of space invader, but water is a precious commodity in the southwest desert of Texas.
Prong Horn in west Texas.
Fort Stockton is one of our stops for the night, it always takes us three and a half days to get across Texas on Interstate 10.
Our stop for the night.
Fort Stockton RV Park.
The Texas terrain begins to change as we transition from west Texas to east Texas.
San Antonio, Texas.
We stopped for the night at River Bend RV Park near Luling, Texas.
Our camping spot at Happy Oaks RV Park.
The park lived up to its name, we were camped next to a river with a distinct bend, fishing was permitted.
Billboards were everywhere throughout Texas.
Houston is not the easiest city to drive through any time of the day or day of the week.
The strangest bridge at the border of Texas and Louisiana.

Texas is a beautiful state with a wide variety of terrain from western desert to green forests in the east. From the city of Anthony in the west to the city of Beaumont, Texas in the east Interstate 10 covers more 850 miles and no matter how you slice it up the drive will take at least three days.

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  1. Met a couple today at the Elks RV Park in Lake Havasu they have a Libero and they said they were thinking about doing the southern AZ tour with Terry Barber, I said you better get on it It might be full.


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