Summer RoadTrip 2022: Part Seven – Copper Harbor and the Porcupine Mountains

Lake of The Clouds, Porcupine Mountains.

Our first stop in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan was at Copper Harbor. Named after the rush to mine the large deposits of copper in the area. The copper is long gone, but the history and scenic views remain. Come along as we explore Copper Harbor and near by Porcupine Mountains…

Only Ohio and Indiana are left and we will complete our goal to visit all of the States of the Union with our tiny house! It’s taken us 5 years and 89,000 miles to do it, but we will complete this goal on this roadtrip.

Pics from the road in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan

Quincy Mine is a national historic site and has underground tours.
Our first stop in the Upper Peninsula (UP)
I know, who came up with the name for this place right! Well the campground is named after the lake and it’s been called ‘Fanny Hooe’ for hundreds of years.
Our campsite here in Copper Harbor. Someone thought this out real well and put the electric and water hookups as far away as possible. I had to use extra hose and thirty amp extension cords to reach. I covered the connections to keep the rain out and it did rain while we were there.
Our campsite at Fanny Hooe. The mosquitoes were terrible here.
The sites were large and far enough apart from other campers.
Covered our ebikes to protect them from the rain.

Historic Fort Wilkins at Copper Harbor

Fort Wilkins Historic State Park is home to the remains of a mid-1800s fort built to control the native population in the area while miners mined for the copper ore here in the UP.

We liked the state park a lot and when we return here next year we plan to stay here at Fort Wilkins Historic State Park. We would have stayed here this time, but the website indicated they were full. We rode our bikes over to this park from Fanny Hooe to explore it instead.

MaryAnn and I rode our bikes to the state park, hence the reason we have our bike gear on in these pictures.
MaryAnn checking out the ovens the bakers used in the 1800’s.
Fort Wilkins is worth a stop to get an understanding of this area and the history here in the UP.
Blacksmith shop at Fort Wilkins.
Fort Wilkins.
We continued our bike riding throughout the area of Copper Harbor. In the background is the lighthouse built in the 1800’s.
A closer look at the lighthouse at Copper Harbor.
Specs on Lake Superior.

Pics from the Road in the UP

Draw bridge

Porcupine Mountains

Our campsite at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. MaryAnn, the Traveling Pups and our Leisure Travel Van, Unity FX.
Our campsite was large. Only electric, no water hookups.
If you are going to come to the UP I recommend investing in a Non-resident Michigan state park pass, unless you don’t plan on staying at or visiting any of the state parks in Michigan. If you don’t stay at any Michigan state parks you will be missing out on a lot. Just saying.
Sunset at Lake Superior in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. This picture was taken by MaryAnn.
Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains.
Video of Lake of the Clouds.
MaryAnn enjoying the Lake of the Clouds.
Forest at Lake of the Clouds.
Thick forest in the Porcupine Mountains.
MaryAnn on the boardwalk to the Lake of the Clouds.
Forest at Lake of the Clouds.
Here we are at Lake of the Clouds in the UP! This is one of the places on my list.
MaryAnn at Lake of the Clouds.
The road through the Porcupine Mountains.
Our next stop in the Porcupine Mountains.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups going down another boardwalk. This one at Presque Isle had a lot of steps but the pups did great!
A long way down!
Don’t have a clue what she is pointing at.
Video at Presque Isle.
Presque Isle
A lot of swimmers here at Presque Isle.
MaryAnn liked Lake of the Clouds and the Porcupine Mountains as much as I did, we want to come back.

We invite you to join us as we continue our summer adventure 2022, exploring the UP of Michigan. Next time we head for one of the many highlights of this trip in Marquette…

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