Summer Roadtrip 2022: Part Six – Wisconsin

On this part of our summer roadtrip 2022, we begin scouting out Wisconsin and then the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for our next Leisure Travel Van (LTV) Caravan Tour slated for 2023. We led a tour of southern Arizona in 2021 and we just ended a tour of Idaho in June of 2022. Now we’re planing to lead a caravan tour of 12 LTVs through the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan in August 2023.

Swamp lands on the Mississippi River.

The UP caravan tour, like the Arizona and Idaho tours, will be advertised by the Southwest Roadrunners LTV Travel Club, We are currently in the process of finalizing the itinerary for the UP tour.

The bridge crossing over the Mississippi River into Wisconsin from Minnesota .

We arrived on the banks of the Mississippi River, near Fountain City, Wisconsin and decided to spend the night at a Wisconsin state park called Merrick State Park. We thought the Wisconsin state parks would be cheaper than staying at a private park, but because of an $11 non-state residence fee per night, we actually paid the same amount as we would have at a private RV park. Plus Wisconsin state parks don’t have water or sewer hookups at the campsites, they only have electric at the campsites.

At this point in our summer roadtrip we only have 3 states to visit to complete our goal of seeing every state in the Union with our LTV.

Pics from the Road to Merrick State Park, Wisconsin

Mississippi River
Mississippi River
The entrance to Merrick State Park
Our campsite for the night.

Can’t see them in this picture, but this state park is swarming with mosquitoes! We had to spend a good part of our stay here sequestered inside our tiny house. Between the mosquitoes, gnats and biting flies we were completely out number and over whelmed!

Electric only campsites at Merrick and all Wisconsin state parks.
Merrick State Park is situated on he banks of the Mississippi River and has a convenient boat ramp should anyone like to go boating or fishing.
The campsites are spacious here at Merrick.
We arrived at Merrick State Park during the Painted turtle egg laying season.
These Painted turtles were everywhere laying eggs. Some eggs had already hatched and very tiny baby turtles where out exploring the campground.

During our night at Merrick State Park we decided to change our plans to go to Duluth, Minnesota. We saw on the map an interesting area in northern Wisconsin called, “Apostle Islands” on the shoreline of Lake Superior that looked interesting and it’s part of the National Lakeshore. Duluth will just have to wait for another trip at another time.

Pics from the Road to the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Lake Superior
Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.
Entrance to our first campground in the Apostle Islands area.
In all the campgrounds and RV parks we have ever camped in, including Alaska and Canada, this was the first time we had to pay extra for our traveling pups. $3 per dog in order to stay here. They only had space available for one night so we had to move to another campground the next day.
Madeline Island, one of 22 islands that make up the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin on Lake Supereior.
We stopped here to get our national parks passport stamped.
Our second campground in the Apostle Islands area.
Our campsite in Bayfield, Wisconsin. We were camped right on the shores of Lake Superior across form one of the twenty-two Apostle Islands.
Front view of our campsite.

Views from our campsite on the shores of Lake Superior, Apostle Islands

MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups at our campsite.
It looks closer than it really is, I was using a zoom lens.
See, the island and boat are much further away.
Zoom lens again.
On our first full day in the Apostle Islands we rode our ebikes to a local ferry and explored nearby Madeline Island, part of the National Lakeshore. We wear the orange vests to alert drivers of our presence on the roads while we are riding our bikes.
MaryAnn (front center) with our ebikes on the ferry to Madeline Island.
Pics from the ferry to one of the Apostle Islands, Madeline Island that’s part of the National Lakeshore.
A point of interest at Big Bay State Park, Madeline Island.
Barrier Beach., Big Bay State Park
Big Bay Point, Big Bay State Park
Big Bay Point at Big Bay State Park.
MaryAnn at Big Bay Point.
Big Bay State Park.
Returning to the mainland of Wisconsin.
Sunset on Lake Superior.
Sunset on Lake Superior.
Our tiny house on Lake Superior at sunset.
Our cruise ship tour of the 22 Apostle Islands day trip from Bayfield.
We started in short sleeve shirts but not very far out on Lake Superior we put on our jackets. The water was only 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pics from Our Cruise Tour of the Apostle Islands

Light house on Devil’s Island, one of the 22 Islands of the Apostle Islands Archipelago.
Second Lighthouse in the Apostle Islands.
Eagle’s nest with chick and Mother Eagle just above it, Devil’s Island.
Devil’s Island gets its name from the weird sound the wind and waves make as they move through these sea caves.
Kayakers at Devil’s Island.
Short video usurp from our cruise tour.
Sea caves on Devil’s Island.
Devil’s Island.
Devil’s Island.
Devil’s Island.
Fishing is the big attraction here in the Apostle Islands.
There are 22 Islands in the Apostle Islands Archipelago.
Many Kayakers in the Apostle Islands.
Bayfield, Wisconsin from the cruise ship.
Wearing jackets because the water temperature in Lake Superior is 40 degrees and the air temperature isn’t much higher than that, especially when the wind is blowing, which happens a lot.

We decided there’s so much to see and do here in the Apostle Islands that this place will be our rendezvous for the beginning of our UP Michigan Tour in 2023.

In the Next post we continue our exploration for next years UP tour in Copper Harbor, Michigan…

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