Summer Adventure 2021: Week Six, Part Three – The Road to Lake Cascade, Idaho

MaryAnn and I traveled alone to Lake Cascade on June 24th. Our friends, Tai and Jane left early in the morning from Winchester Lake to go back to Montana. They liked Montana so much, Tai and Jane decided to buy land there and put a tiny house on it for future trips.

We had planned to meet up with some of MaryAnn’s college friends in Boise. So we continued south stopping at Lake Cascade State Park along the way.

It felt a little strange not having Tai and Jane traveling with us for the first time in over a month. But they will meet us at Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountains in a couple days.

In the meantime, let’s check out the road from Winchester to Lake Cascade, Idaho…

These bright yellow fields were everywhere along the road, don’t know what is being grown here, but it is very beautiful.
Can’t get enough of a straight road.
Even with temperatures in the 90’s (Fahrenheit) the mountains still have snow on them.
Mountain View’s from the road.
The road appears to go on for ever.
Never get tired of these Idaho mountains.
Views from the road.
If it didn’t get so cold here in the winter, I would consider moving here.
He looks a little out of place…
I think he just realized he is not in Kansas anymore 😀
Feet don’t fail me now!
Gotta get back to the woods where I belong…
That’s where we are heading too!
More views from the road.
When the sign says national forest, it means national forest!
Beautiful forest!
One of many rivers and streams.
All these pics taken from the road at around 70 miles per hour.
MaryAnn’s driving while I operate the camera.
More from the national forest of Idaho.
The national forests covers large areas of Idaho, that’s what we came here to see.
Salmon River
More pics from the road.
Salmon River.
Hydraulic Mining was originally developed by the Roman Empire and then used in the 1800’s to destroy large areas of the mountains here. Hydraulic Mining used water at high pressure to clear out large amounts of the side of the mountains looking for gold. It leaves behind piles of gravel still there today over 150 years later.
The results of Hydraulic Mining.
Hydraulic Mining canon.
The road to Lake Cascade.
Salmon River.
Salmon River
We stopped to check out a roadside historic site along the way. MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups.
The battle the started the war between the United States and the Nez Perce in 1877.
MaryAnn and Peeta.
The area where the first battle took place. The Nez Perce won decisively.
The U.S. retaliated with such force the Nez Perce never had a chance. The American military killed men, women, and children.
In 1855 the U.S. reduced the Nez Perce territory to a small reservation. Then when gold was discovered on their land, the U.S. reduced the reservation again in 1877, sparking the war.
More pics of the area of the first battle of the war.
Bird Bird battlefield.
MaryAnn at the White Bird Battlefield.
Amazing views coming down this mountain.
White Bird Grade.
White Bird Grade
White Bird Grade
White Bird Grade
White Bird Grade
Finally down to the valley.
Farm land stretching for miles on the valley floor.
Wheat fields.
Beautiful yellow fields.
Bright yellow fields everywhere.
Don’t know what these yellow fields are, if you know send me a comment and let me know.
Railroad bridge.
From the road.
The first views of Lake Cascade.
Lake Cascade.
Lake Cascade
Getting closer to Lake Cascade!
Our campsite at Lake Cascade. The Traveling Pups are excited to be getting out of the tiny house.
Our view of Lake Cascade from our campsite.
Lake Cascade from our campsite.
The lake from our campsite. We considered going kayaking, but the wind picked up and the water became too choppy for us inexperienced kayakers.
One last pic of our tiny house campsite at Lake Cascade.
The sunset at the lake.
Lake Cascade at sunset.

In our next post we continue traveling south to Boise, Idaho. We’re going to meet up with a couple of MaryAnn’s college friends she hasn’t seen in 40 years.

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