Summer Adventure 2021: Week Six – Part Two, Winchester Lake State Park, Idaho

MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups.

From Hell’s Gate State Park in Lewiston we continued east on route 95. The Nez Perce National Historical Site just off route 95 is a worthwhile stop, with another sad story of how the Native American people where mistreated by the American Government and the early settlers.

The Lewis and Clark expedition explored this area in 1805 and were helped by the Nez Perce. Then in an 1855 treaty the Nez Perce territory was greatly reduced until 1877 when their territory was cut down even more because gold was discovered on their land. This sparked a war in which the American government quickly overwhelmed, killed and displaced the remaining Nez Perce.

As I said, it’s a sad story and worth a visit, there’s a short film covering the history, a museum, gift shop and if you have your national parks passport you can get it stamped as well.

The road to Winchester.

We continued east on route 95 into what seemed like going back into another time dimension. The town of Winchester (named after the Winchester riffle) and the state park associated with it are nestled in a rugged and heavily forested area and is definitely a hidden gem.

The town is small, population 340, but has a public library, a gas station, a few small businesses and a couple restaurants. Try not to visit on Tuesday or Wednesday, almost everything seems to be closed.

The town has its roots in lumber and the town moved three times during its history because of deforestation to its current location within the Nez Perce Reservation because of a declaration by President Cleveland in 1895 that said anyone could settle on the reservation. Come along as we do a little exploring of Winchester, Idaho…

Views from the road.
Route 95.
Nez Perce Reservation
Views from the road.
Route 95, notice the lumber truck. Lumber harvesting is still very active here.
More views from the road.
Pics from route 95 to Winchester.
Statues depicting the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1805.
Pics from the road.
Views from route 95.
From route 95.
MaryAnn on one of our many bike tours of Winchester.
Canadian geese at Winchester Lake.
Winchester Lake
Winchester Lake
We went on a hike through the surrounding forest at Winchester Lake. From left: Jane, Tai and in the back, MaryAnn.
Jane and MaryAnn
Our campsite at Winchester Lake State Park. From left: MaryAnn, the Traveling Pups, Tai and Jane.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups.
In case you didn’t see them before.
One more picture of our campsite.
Okay, I know you like to see our tiny house. Leisure Travel Vans, Unity FX.

Tai and Jane left us for a couple days after Winchester to go back to Montana. They liked Montana so much during our visit there that they decided to buy land and build a tiny home.

In our next post we travel alone to Cascade Lake State Park…

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