Summer Adventure 2021: Week Five Part Three

We crossed the border into Idaho on June 17. The heatwave of 2021 was just getting started and we were looking for places with electric hookups for our rigs so we could have air conditioning.

I have two phone apps that I use extensively for finding places to camp: “AllStays” and “Campendium”. I use AllStays to find private parks, state parks and military parks. I use Campendium to find national forest, public land campgrounds and free BLM land for boondocking.

Using Campendium, I found a campground in northern Idaho called “Springy Point”. With water and electric hookups, Springy Point was a Army Corps of Engineers campground and since the weekend was fast approaching we decided to secure our campsites with reservations.

We stayed one night at Springy Point and then moved on to Fairchild AFB in Washington near Spokane. We didn’t plan on going into Washington but with the weekend now upon us and the heatwave in full swing we decided the first come first serve campground at Fairchild would be the best place for us.

We spent Friday night at Clear Lake Military Recreation area where reservations were required and there were two sites available right next to each other. Saturday night we had to move to the on base campground.

While at Clear Lake we decided to go kayaking and relax on the gentle waters of the shallow lake. This would be the second time on this trip we got to use our kayak and we are starting to get the hang of getting in and out of it, before you know we could become experts!

Pics from the road in Montana and Idaho.
Crossing the border into Idaho.
The entrance into Springy Point.
Pics from the road around Springy Point.
Pics from the road.
Pics from the road.
I do enjoy a straight road!
One of the many signs along the road.
Views from the road.
Sometimes it looks as though we were heading straight into the side of a mountain.
Views from the road.
Northern Idaho.
Mountains of Idaho.
The twists and turns of the road.
One of many rivers in Idaho.
Taken while traveling at 60 miles per hour on a winding mountain road.
Pics of the road.
Views from the road.
Did I mention my love for a straight road…
The wild rivers of Idaho.
All these pics from the road where shot while traveling 60-70 miles per hour.
Pics from the road.
Northern Idaho.
Mountain lake in Idaho.
Another pic at 60 miles per hour.
Our campsite at Springy Point.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups at Springy Point.
Another angle of our campsite at Springy Point Campground.
Entering Washington state, an unplanned stop. When on the road it’s important to be flexible.
Entrance to Fairchild AFB.
Our campsite at Clear Lake Military Recreation Area at Fairchild AFB.
Last two available sites right next to each other.
Our campsite.
Sunset at Clear Lake, Washington.
Fairchild AFB.
Fairchild AFB
Fairchild AFB is a strategic air command (SAC).
Another sunset pic at Clear Lake.
Clear Lake.
Kayaking at Clear Lake.
MaryAnn and me.
One of the many lakes in the area of Fairchild AFB.
MaryAnn and Jane at the campground inside Fairchild AFB FamCamp.
Tai and Jane at our campsite at Fairchild AFB FamCamp.

In our next post we traveled back into Idaho to a state park called “Hell’s Gate”. This park was situated on the banks of the Snake River and on the border with Washington.

2 thoughts on “Summer Adventure 2021: Week Five Part Three”

    1. Thanks Rossana! We really enjoyed Idaho and want to go back there in the near future. Idaho has the most unusual terrain and mountains we have ever seen in all our travels!


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