Summer Adventure 2021: Week Five Part Two – Libby, Montana

After leaving Glacier National Park we met up with friends and fellow Leisure Travel Van owners on the road (Route 2 west). We traveled with these great people to Alaska and back in 2018. It was like deja vu, we met for the first time on the Alaska caravan 3 years ago. Now we’re all good friends with great memories of our epic adventures traveling across British Columbia and Yukon Territory to Alaska and back.

After our meet up with our friends, we continued our adventure through Montana with Jane and Tai to Libby and our next stop at Blackwell Flats Campground on the Kootenia River. We camped along the river just below Libby Dam. This is an Army Corps of Engineers campground and it was completely free, first come first serve.

From left: Linda, Joe, Jane and Tai (members of the next Alaska trip) Diana, Gordon, Suzi, me, MaryAnn, and the Traveling Pups.
Our meet up with our friends on the side of the road.
Five Leisure Travel Vans, nine friends.
On the edge of route 2 west about fifty miles outside of Glacier National Park.
Welcome sign to the town of Libby.
The reservoir created by Libby Dam.
We stopped by the dam to get a closer look.
Libby Dam
The entrance to the Blackwell Flats Campground.
Our campsite
Our campsite.
A video of our campsite on the banks of the Kootenia River
Kootenia River
National Forest on the banks of the Kootenia River
Jane and MaryAnn at Libby Dam, taking a break from our bike ride.
We considered kayaking on the river, but the current was too fast for us.
So we went on a 18 mile bike ride instead. When we returned from our bike ride I discovered I had another flat tire. Fortunately this time I had all the tools I needed to fix the flat. I should say so Tai could fix it 😊
Kootenia River
Bridge over the Kootenia River
Our bike ride to the Libby Dam.
From left: me, MaryAnn, and Jane. Tai was behind the camera.
Kootenia River
The road to Libby.
The road to Libby.
The road to Libby,
The reservoir at Libby Dam
Libby Dam
The road.
The mountains around Libby.
More pics from the road.
Pics from the road.
A Big Foot sighting in Libby, Montana!

In our next post we travel from Libby across the border into Idaho. We made reservations at Springy Point, another Army Corps of Engineers campground, but this time we had to actually pay for our campsite.

The summer was beginning to heat up with temperatures in the 90’s and even over 100, we needed to be plugged into electric power. It was also the weekend which made it harder to find a place to camp.

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