Summer Adventure 2021: Week One/Two – On the Road Part Three

In this addition we travel from Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada to Salt Lake City/Ogden, Utah and then on to Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

The road to Grand Teton National Park was marked with snow caped mountains and raging rivers filled with fresh ice cold snow melt water. We zigzagged through Utah, Wyoming and Idaho several times before arriving in the Grand Teton National Park.

Prior to arriving in the Grand Tetons, we stopped for a few days at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah just north of Salt Lake City to dump our holding tanks, fill up our fresh water tank, wash clothes and resupply our refrigerator and pantry.

While at Hill Air Force Base I had a flat tire on my ebike and had to get it replaced. Mark, a fellow retired military and RVer came to my rescue and did all the work replacing the inner tube on my bike, thanks a lot Mark! Take a look at the beauty and wonder of the Grand Teton National Park…

The road through western Utah.
Welcome to Utah!
More of the road in Utah. As we got closer to Salt Lake City the topography started to change.
From the road to Salt Lake City.
We stopped at the Red Barn Ice Cream store for some homemade ice cream on our way to Hill Air Force Base.
Mountains around Salt Lake City.
Downtown Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City
More of the mountain views around Ogden/Salt Lake City.
Our parking spot at Hill Air Force Base RV parking lot.
The road to Grand Teton National Park.
More from the road to Grand Teton National Park.
Welcome to Wyoming!
Welcome back to Utah!
Nice fixer upper!
Welcome back to Wyoming!
Welcome to Idaho!
Welcome back to Wyoming! The road took us in and out of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho several times before we finally stayed in Wyoming to get to Grand Tetons.
From the road to Grand Teton National Park.
Afton, Wyoming is a very beautiful little town on the way to Jackson, Wyoming.
Located just outside Grand Tetons.
Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park
We made it to the Grand Tetons!
Our campsite in the Signal Mountain Campground inside the National Park.
We hiked around Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons. Mirror image.
Jenny Lake
MaryAnn & Me at Jenny Lake.
Jenny Lake
Jenny Lake, mirror image.
Jenny Like, smooth as ice!
We hiked to the Hidden Falls, a five mile journey!
Me and MaryAnn at Hidden Falls on Jenny Lake Trail.

After our five mile hike around Jenny Lake we took the boat back across the lake to the visitor center. After lunch we road our ebikes around the Grand Teton National Park for about 19 miles. We had a great adventure in this beautiful National Park.

The boat ride across Jenny Lake.

Next time we will be leaving Grand Tetons and traveling into Yellowstone National Park and then on to Henry’s Lake State park in Idaho…

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