Summer Adventure 2021: Week One – On the Road Part Two

In this post we are continuing east through the mountains of eastern Nevada. The snow covered mountain ranges are everywhere. Our next stop will be in the Great Basin National Park. It’s at the Great Basin we test out our new ebikes and found them lacking. We had to contact the company “Blix” to find a solution to their poor performance going up hills. Come to find out putting more air in the tires is all we needed to do. We will also give a taste of the glamorous side of RV life in this episode of our blog.

Come along as we explore the Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada…The road from Ward Mountain to the Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada.The Barber Road is the road less traveled.Views from the road to Great Basin.One of many snow covered mountains seen from the road to the Great Basin.

Beautiful snow caped mountains.The entrance to Great Basin.Our campsite in Baker Creek Campground inside the Great Basin National Park.Views from our campground.From our campground.Our first day we explored the National Park with our ebikes going down the mountain was a wild ride at 30-35 miles per hour. Coming back up the mountain to our campsite was quite a workout at only 5 miles per hour. My bike barely made it back up.A selfie with four people is actually a lot harder than it looks. Fortunately someone stopped to help us out by taking our group picture.

Our second day we hiked up the mountain. Tai stopped to pose for a picture. He looks like he’s enjoying our hike, but actually he hates hiking!We stopped to take a break while on this 5 mile hike up the side of the mountain.MaryAnn’s reading the trail map to see where we are on the mountain.MaryAnn, Jane & Tai on the mountain trail.Jane & Tai

This video doesn’t exist

A short video clip of the trail up Baker Creek Trail in Great Basin National Park.

The glamorous side of the RV life, emptying our gray and black holding tanks!

Before we left Great Basin we had to empty our tanks and fill our fresh water tank. In the process of filling our fresh water tank, MaryAnn “claims” her hand slipped losing control of the water hose and soaking me down with ice cold water! She claims it was an accident, but she was laughing the whole time!

We have been on the road for only four days and traveled from Rio Rico, Arizona to the White Tank Mountains west of Phoenix, Las Vegas, Ward Mountain Campground in the Humbolt National Forest and the Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada.

On this fourth day of our road trip we continue northeast into Utah. We’re about two weeks behind on our post due to lack of internet connection, we are actually in Montana right now, but we promise to get caught up.

Our next stop is Hill Air Force Base north of Salt Lake City, Utah and then on to the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming…

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