Southern Arizona Leisure Travel Van Tour 2021

We are leading a group of 22 people in 11 Leisure Travel Vans (LTV) on a twelve day tour of southern Arizona.

In preparation for the tour, we’re in Casa Grande at Palm Creek RV Resort to meet up with the rest of the LTV owners going with us on our tour.

Our campsite in Palm Creek, Casa Grande. We had to use two 25 foot water hose and an additional 30 foot extension cord two reach the water and electric hookups.
There’s actually around 45 other LTV’s here at the park right now attending a Southwest Roadrunners LTV rally.
Our personal palm tree.
The entrance to the Palm Creek RV Resort
The front gate.
The traveling pups are excited!
In preparation for this trip we gave our Tiny House a bath.
This is my better side.
MaryAnn didn’t know I took this picture.

Follow along for the next 14 days as we travel through the back roads of southern Arizona with 11 other LTV’s and 22 other people – 24 counting us. The tour starts Saturday morning…

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