I’ve Got Georgia On My Mind, Part Two: Fort McAllister, Georgia

After leaving Jekyll Island we visited Civil War Fort McAllister in Richmond Hill, Georgia in May 2019. The fort was one of three built by the Confederates in defense of Savannah, Georgia. Fort McAllister was captured by General Sherman on December 13, 1864 during his “March to the Sea” in 1864.

Fort McAllister was designed by Capt. John McCrady and reinforced after recommendations to do so were made by General Robert E. Lee in 1861. During the course of the Civil War, Fort McAllister was attacked by navel bombardment twelve times. In 1862 it was attacked by four Union Ironclad Monitors: the Montauk, Passaic, Nahant, and Patapsco. The Montauk had 11 inch and 15 inch cannons, the largest guns used during the war. The ironclads bombarded the fort for five hours causing very little damage due to the forts design using earthworks to absorb the shells. The fort artilleries hit the Union ironclads fifteen times but didn’t cause any damage to the ships. (Wikipedia)

Come along as we explore Civil War Fort McAllister…

MaryAnn at our campsite at Fort McAllister, Georgia.
Our campsite.
Fort McAllister is located on the Ogeechee River
The banks of the Ogeechee River
The road from Jekyll Island to Fort McAllister
The road to Fort McAllister
The road to Fort McAllister
Pic taken from the bridge.
Ogeechee River
The entrance road into Fort McAllister State Park.
The entrance to Fort McAllister.
The walkway to the fort.
This is an oven where they heated the cannon shot to shoot at the wooden ships and cause them to catch on fire. 
One of seven big gun emplacements here at Fort McAllister.
Facing the Ogeechee River.
Side view of the big guns. They would bring the fireball shot up to the cannon through that hatchway.
MaryAnn is following a self-guided tour map of the fort.
The first casualty of the battle was a captain standing where MaryAnn is standing in this picture. His head was removed by a cannon shot fired by a Union ironclad.
MaryAnn still following the self-guided tour map.
Earthworks around the fort.
Windy day along the walkway to Fort McAllister.
Cannon along the walkway.
Bridge to the center of the fort.
Imagine trying to cross this with bullets flying passed your ears!
MaryAnn entering the troop quarters.
Underground quarters for the troops.
Looks comfy doesn’t it.
These quarters were dark and very damp and crowded.
Not designed for comfort.
MaryAnn and Luna at our campsite at Fort McAllister State Park, Georgia.

Fort McAllister just outside Savannah, Georgia is a very interesting and educational place, a must see the next time you tour Civil War battle fields. The forts history paints a picture of the struggle for survival, the loss of life, and the deep sense of honor each side held for their cause. After all, if we don’t learn from history – we repeat it…

Next time we explore Fort Pulaski also built by the Confederates to protect Savannah, Georgia…

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