nags head in the outer banks of north carolina

We arrived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in early June. The east coast was already warmer than it was back at our home in southern Arizona, as much as ten degrees warmer.

I had visited the Outer Banks as a child with my family, I remember staying at a beach front cottage my parents had rented for a couple weeks. Unfortunately I don’t remember a lot about the trip, after all it was over fifty years ago. I’m sure there have been many changes to the area since my first visit making it impossible to recognize any landmarks I may have remembered anyway.

One thing is certain, Nags Head and the Outer Banks are just as beautiful as I remember. Join me as I take a stroll down memory lane making new memories along the way…

The bridge to the Outer Banks of North Carolina
A long bridge to the Outer Banks.
Didn’t see any alligators.
No Alligators seen either.
Looking a little crowded.
Over fifty years since I was here with my family.
I love national seashores, usually there’s no one else on the beach.
No reservations, we just showed up and got a space available campsite.
Our campsite, $35 per night for electric and water hookups.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups
The National Seashore
The Traveling Pups loved the beach.
MaryAnn, enjoyed the beach as well.
A very windy day on the beach.
The Traveling Pups after a day on the beach.
Not another soul to the south.
Not a soul to the east.
Beautiful! The beach is nice too!
Not a soul to the north.
Heading back to the campsite just over the next sand dune.
Sun setting on the Outer Banks.
Our first day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is done.
The next day we visited some of the many lighthouses in the area.
Our Tiny House on wheels.
Bodie Island Lighthouse.
Next lighthouse on the list.
MaryAnn makes me look great!
MaryAnn at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
We had to board a ferry to get to the next lighthouse on Ocracoke Island.
A simple process, just needed to follow instructions.
This was the first time we have put our Tiny House on a ferry, But it won’t be the last!
MaryAnn is excited about our adventures in the Outer Banks. By the way, the ferry to Ocracoke Island is free.
Our last lighthouse visit of the day. We ran out of daylight after this.
Ocracoke Island Lighthouse
Ocracoke Island
MaryAnn taking a closer look.
There were other visitors already there called Nutria, look like muskrats.
There’s a lot of these little guys hanging around.
Sunset on our second day in the Outer Banks.
Our third day we visited the Wright Brothers Memorial
MaryAnn in front of the Wright Brothers plane.
A recreation of the Wright Brothers plane.
The monument for the Wright Brothers
A long walk to see the monument.
We made it to the top!
The road to Virginia.

Nags Head and the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a beautiful place. Just make sure to allow enough time to see it all.

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