virginia beach, virginia

We crossed into Virginia on June 6, 2019. This was the 29th State we have visited in our Leisure Travel Van (Tiny House). Our first stop was at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. It was here at Fort Raleigh that England attempted to establish its first colony in 1584-1589, the first English baby was born in America during this time and during the Civil War a Freed Slave colony was established here.

Our first campsite in Virginia was at Joint Expeditionary Base – Fort Story near Virginia Beach. Fort Story is the location of the landing of the colonists who started the first permanent English colony at nearby Jamestown. Off the shores of Fort Story is also the location of a naval battle between the French and English in which the French successfully prevented reinforcements and supplies to arrive for English General Cornwallis during the American Revolutionary War of Independence.

There’s so much to see here in Virginia, so much history and so little time to do it. Come along as we explore some of the beginnings of America…

State number 29 in our Tiny House.
England’s first attempt to start a colony was here in 1584.
Although difficult to read since this plaque was placed here in 1896, the first English child was a girl born August 20, 1587.
Fort Raleigh is also the site of where a freed slave colony was established.
Part of the ruins of Fort Raleigh.
We make a point to camp at military facilities whenever possible.
Pedestrian crossing the street at Fort Story.
At Fort Story, the Navy was overseeing the RV park.
Our campsite for three nights at Fort Story.
For electric and water hookups we paid $25 per night.
One of the Lighthouses here at Fort Story.
A second lighthouse at Fort Story.
Cape Henry commemorates the place where English colonists landed after their journey from England and the French kept reinforcements from arriving for English General Cornwallis during America’s Revolutionary War of Independence.
Part of the boardwalk at Cape Henry.
The boardwalk is lined with these vines.
The beach at Cape Henry, Fort Story.
A statue commemorating the military achievements of Francois Joseph Paul De Grasse.
A plaque at Cape Henry explaining the significance of the area.
When the colonists who established Jamestown landed here the first thing they did was worship Jesus Christ.
April 26 is my birthday!

We are just getting started on our exploration of Virginia. See you on the road across America…

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