valley of fire – part one: our campsite

We camped last week in the Valley of Fire State Park about an hour and a half east of Las Vegas, Nevada off US Route 93. We were traveling with friends who also own a Leisure Travel Van.

There are two campgrounds in this state park. The park is also surrounded by public lands providing plenty of opportunity for boondocking – free camping for RV/tents that are self-contained.

Both of the campgrounds in the state park are first come first serve, no reservations allowed. At the front gate there’s a sign that says the campgrounds are full, ignore it – the people at the gate told us it’s not true. One of the campgrounds has a few campsites with water and electric hookups, but these campsites are almost always already taken by someone else.

We parked our rig in the second campground where all of the sites are dry camping – water available but no electricity. Our site had a nearby water faucet across the road about 65 feet from us. Our friends actually had water right on their site.

There are many Big Horn Sheep in this park with plenty of photo ops since these animals seem to not have any fear of humans. The landscape here lives up to its name, the rock formations are predominately red as fire. Come along as we explore our campground in the Valley of Fire…

Early morning visitor posed for a photo op next to our campsite.
Boondockers just outside the state park boundary.
Our campsite was surrounded by red rock cliffs.
Our rig in the late day shadow of the nearby cliffs. Peeta (one of our traveling pups) is behind our rig checking out our site.
Our friends were able to get a campsite right next to us. They have the silver and black Serenity, ours is the beige and white Unity.
We prefer state parks because the campsites are always much further apart and more spacious than privately owned RV parks (parking lots). Luna (one of our traveling pups) is checking out our site.
Visitors to our campsite late in the day.
Some of the rock formations and cliffs around the campground.
Near our campground is an opportunity for exercise. MaryAnn and Jane (one of our friends) ventured to the top.
MaryAnn (on left) and Jane (on right) both our sporting their bike helmets. We took a ride on our ebikes to do a little exploring around the campgrounds on our first day.
Many of the rock formations look like bee hives.
Many small arches in the rock cliffs around the campground.
One of many cliffs around the campground. Notice the petroglyphs.
More of the cliffs around the campground.
The sun setting on the surrounding cliffs above our campsite.
The sun setting.

Our campsite at Valley of Fire State Park is now one of our favorite stops while traveling in Nevada. It’s quite, beautiful, spacious and pristine with plenty of wildlife available for photo ops! Next we will explore the rest of the park with our ebikes…

2 thoughts on “valley of fire – part one: our campsite”

  1. Wow, the colours are so vivid, and the pups I hope did not chase the visitors. Great tip on the campsite signs as well as private vs, not grounds. Looking forward to more of your adventures. Stay safe and well. We are still looking at snow here, but heading for a melt down next week, and so mud season begins here….


    1. Thanks for your comments Rossana. The pups didn’t chase or even bark at our many visitors. Glad things are starting to thaw out up in the great white north! A lot more to come from Valley of Fire.


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