valley of fire – part two: ebiking

We rode our ebikes through the Valley of Fire State Park and survived to tell about our adventures! The hills in the park made us glad we had electric bikes. Going down the hills we reached spends over thirty miles per hour and sometimes even forty miles per hour. Others who have ventured into this area of Nevada were not as fortunate. Come and see some of the sights as we travel through the Valley of Fire on our bikes…

Big Horn Sheep didn’t seem to have any fear of humans.
Our electric bikes.
MaryAnn is getting tired of me taking her picture.
Some of the desert hills and cliffs around the park.
What’s left of the cabins.
MaryAnn and Jane taking a break from the bikes to explore the area around the cabins.
The spot where Sergeant John J. Clark’s remains were found in 1915.
Some of the rock formations around the park.
The road through the Valley of Fire where we reached spends up to forty miles per hour on our bikes.
Tai, the other half of Jane; our traveling friends from Las Vegas.
Jane, the other half of Tai.
From left: Tai, MaryAnn and Jane
More of the cliffs in Valley of Fire.
The road in Valley of Fire.
The red rocks in Valley of Fire.

This is a special place on our list of travels with a rich history of the people who lived here. Next we will explore some of the hiking trails and see some of the evidence of the past here in the Valley of Fire…

2 thoughts on “valley of fire – part two: ebiking”

    1. Thanks for the comment Rebecca. Sorry for the delay in response, we’ve been on the road without cell service. Yes, Valley of Fire was a great trip and I highly recommend a visit. Safe travels.


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