the road to california

Interstate 10 Series:

From Phoenix, Interstate 10 continues west across the Sonoran Desert to Tonopah, then on to Quartzsite and California. Join us as we travel the Interstate 10 corridor through western Arizona…

Only 347 miles to go on Interstate 10 west!
I-10 west from Phoenix.
I-10 west.
Interstate 10 west is surrounded by mountainous terrain know as “Sky Islands”.
Unless otherwise indicated, all pictures are mine. Most are taken while driving our RV on the interstate.
We stopped for the night at Saddle Mountain RV Park in Tonopah, Arizona.
The Traveling Pups relaxing in our tiny house.
As seen from I-10 west.
Interstate 10 west to Quartzsite.
Views from I-10.
From Interstate 10.
Interstate 10.
From I-10.
All photos taken with a zoom lens at 70 miles per hour on Interstate 10.
Quartzsite, Arizona. Interstate 10 runs straight through the middle of Quartzsite. Like most of the small towns in Arizona they began as mining communities. (Quartzsite was also a stage coach servicing stopover and watering hole from 1863 to the 1880’s –
Here we are boondocking at the Quartzsite RV Rally with some of our RV friends.
Quartzsite, Arizona a little over 3,000 permanent residence. However, in January every year hundreds of thousands of the RV community gather here, RV’s as far as the eye can see – maybe farther! Quartzsite is surrounded by Beau of Land Management land (BLM) or public land that anyone can camp on for up to 14 days at a time for free. No amenities – no water or electric hookups just dry camping or boondocking as its called. People come from all over North America for this event each year, there’s a huge tent set up (Large red & white tent in the center of the picture) where RV and RV accessories and equipment are sold, everything from shoes & clothes, hair cuts, eye glasses, Tire Pressure Monitor Systems, hot water heaters, batteries, you name it! If it’s something a full time RV’er would need it will be sold here, even items for your pets. (Picture downloaded from Arizona.)
Each night we gathered around the campfire with our friends. Temperatures during the day would rise to upper 60’s low 70’s at night in the 30’s (Fahrenheit)
Sunset in Quartzsite, Arizona.
What are the camels doing in Quartzsite you might ask…
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups at the Hi Jolly Monument in Quartzsite. The monument remembers a time in American history just after the Civil War when the US Army attempted to import and use camels to operate in the Southwest Deserts.
Entering California is a lot like entering a foreign country with vehicle inspections for fruit and firewood, etc.

This is not the last time we will see Arizona, but for now Arizona will be in our rear view mirror. California, here we come! Interstate 10 west will take us all the way to the Pacific Ocean…

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