the colorado national monument

The Colorado National Monument, located just outside Fruita, Colorado, is one of the must see places in North America. The monument’s landscape looks a lot like southern Utah and is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets.

When we arrived in Fruita we had never heard of this place before, we were there to meet up with our fellow Leisure Travel Van owners and good friends from Michigan. We had no idea we were about to see something that would be remembered for the rest of our lives!

MaryAnn displaying the monument entrance sign.
MaryAnn and me at one of the many viewing platforms.
The road through the monument.
Mummy Rock.
Views of the surrounding community and the Colorado River from the monument.
Furnace Rock. These were actually used for smelting ore back in the 19th century.
The view from the monument looking east.
Looking out from the monument to the east.
The tunnel into the monument. Yes, our Leisure Travel Van fits!
More views to the east of the monument.
The road coming into the monument.

When I think of Colorado, I think of the Rocky Mountains, large pine forests, ski lifts, and snow up to your elbows. I never imagined seeing the kind of rock formations displayed here in the Colorado National Monument. The monument is located on the border of Utah and perhaps that is why this out of place in Colorado monument looks so much more like Utah. If you haven’t been here, I highly recommend putting this place on your list!

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