Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, Arizona: Leisure Travel Van Rally, October 2021

We were on the road last week. Leisure Travel Vans, Rocky Mountain LTVERS and the Southwest Roadrunners travel clubs had a joint rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park near Cottonwood, Arizona.

The rally was sponsored by the Rocky Mountain LTVERS club. Between the two clubs 51 Leisure Travel Vans and over 100 owners were in attendance. The rally was well organized and planned out by the club leaders and we had a great time meeting up with our fellow Leisure Travel Van (LTV) owners.

The rally lasted 6 days, Tuesday through Sunday and included a pizza party, the Verde Valley Train tour, bike riding, hiking, talks on the geology/mining history of the area, tours of the historic mining town of Jerome and the Tuzigoot National Monument, birdwatching, a tech talk about the operation of our Leisure Travel Vans, and much more. Of course gathering every night at our rigs for some good conversations was definitely a highlight, catching up with old friends and meeting new friends as well.

Come along as we travel to north-central Arizona for one of the largest LTV rallies we have ever attended…

Pics from the road to Cottonwood, Arizona

Views from the road.
Saguaro cactus seen from the road.
Views from the road.
Stormy weather on our way north to Cottonwood.
Interstate 17 north.
Interstate 17 north.
Interstate 17.
Interstate 17.
Cottonwood was founded in 1879.

Our campsite at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

We were greeted by a huge thunderstorm when we arrived at Dead Horse Ranch.
Sunset the first night.
The sun peaked out just as we officially started the rally with a pizza party.
Part of the the campground at Dead Horse Ranch.

Tuzigoot National Monument, The ruins of a Native American Village

The ruins are situated on top of a hill near Cottonwood. Originally thought to be a burial mound until excavation began.
Views from the Tuzigoot National Monument.
MaryAnn (on left) with our LTV friends, Maggie and Tony at Tuzigoot.
An LTV from the top of Tuzigoot National Monument.
The entrance to the highest building at Tuzigoot.
Maggie and Tony climbing the stars to the top of Tuzigoot.
The sign says, “mask required”. But then we discovered no one was wearing masks, not even the park ranger. This is MaryAnn.
More views from the top of Tuzigoot.
The Verde River runs along side Tuzigoot.
Verde River.
More views from the Tuzigoot National Monument.
Views from Tuzigoot.
Video from the top of Tuzigoot.
Tuzigoot National Monument.
Me with the Tuzigoot ruins in the background.
We enjoyed the gatherings at many of the campsites every night.

Jerome, Arizona – a copper mining town turned tourist town today

We toured the historic mining town of Jerome, about 10 miles from Dead Horse Ranch.
Some of the LTV owners gathering for a talk about the history of mining at Jerome.
Mike Lane’s talk on the history of mining here in Jerome.
This hotel here in Jerome recently sold to a private owner for 3 million dollars.
These plaques were placed throughout the town of Jerome.
No mining town is complete without a “red light district.”
MaryAnn at the museum/state park in Jerome.
Video of the views around Jerome. The town is built right on top of the copper mine and has been sliding down the mountain.
At the museum in Jerome. From left: Maureen, MaryAnn, me and Kerry. Maureen & Kerry traveled with us to Alaska in 2018. Notice the “J” on the side of the mountain behind Jerome.
Another gathering place at the campground in Dead Horse Ranch. Photo by Chris Tacelli
Our campsite.

We were having such a great time at this LTV rally that we decided to stay an extra day then planned. LTV owners are a great bunch of people, fun to be with and travel with, if you’re going to travel it’s much better with friends.

Next week we will continue our series, “I’ve Got Georgia On My Mind”.

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