Summer Adventure 2021: Week Four – Flathead National Forest, Hungry Horse Reservoir

On June 12th we left Lolo, Montana and continued traveling north toward Glacier National Park. We had June 14-16 reservations at a private RV park called, “Glacier RV Park” about 5 miles from the west gate of the national park.

We needed somewhere to camp for the weekend while we waited for our reservations at Glacier RV Park. So after studying the map and searching through one of my cellphone apps, “Campendium” we decided on Hungry Horse Reservoir in Flathead National Forest about 40 minutes south of Glacier National Park.

The Hungry Horse Reservoir was created by damming the South Fork Flathead River. Construction began on the Hungry Horse Dam on April 21, 1948 and was completed on July 18, 1953. (Ref

We had several first come first serve campgrounds in mind when we arrived in the Hungry Horse area. Since it was a Saturday we knew it would be difficult to find an available campsite because this was a very popular camping area. We first stopped at the “Lost Johnny Point campground” and even though there were 2 campsites open we didn’t like them and after MaryAnn spoke with the camp host we decided to go to “Lid Creek Campground” about 5-6 miles further down the road.

Lid Creek Campground turned out to be the place for us. The camp host there was very helpful in showing the best sites for us to camp. We were back-to-back to each other and close to the water.

You’re invited to explore Hungry Horse Reservoir with us…

Sunset at Hungry Horse Reservoir.
Hungry Horse Reservoir
Snow caped mountains at Hungry Horse
While driving to Hungry Horse we had to stop at a horse crossing.
Hungry Horse Reservoir
From the road at Hungry Horse Reservoir
From the road to Hungry Horse Reservoir
From the road to Hungry Horse Reservoir
Along the side of the road to Hungry Horse.
The town of Hungry Horse.
Built in 1953.
We stopped at the dam for a few pics.
From the top of the dam.
The top of the dam.
Hungry Horse Dam (Wikipedia)
Water fall at Hungry Horse Dam.
From the road to Lid Creek Campground.
The road to Lid Creek Campground.
The entrance to Lid Creek Campground.
Our campsite at Lid Creek.
Our campsite & Tai & Jane’s campsite.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups.
We sat around the campfire the first night.
A deer decided to stop in for a visit to our campsite.
Our evening visitor.
MaryAnn, me and the Traveling Pups at Hungry Horse Reservoir.
Here we are at Hungry Horse.
Pic of Hungry Horse from Lid Creek.
We decided to get pictures of the sunset on Hungry Horse Reservoir but the sun doesn’t set here until almost 10 pm.
We were to early for the sunset and had to wait another hour. The sun in MaryAnn’s & Jane’s eyes.
There’s the sun beginning to set.
Sunset over Hungry Horse.
Me, MaryAnn, Jane. I have a red sweatshirt on to keep the mosquitoes away, they seem to be attracted to me.
Snow caped mountains at Hungry Horse.
Hungry Horse
Sunset at Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse Reservoir
A few pics at sunset.
Sunset at Hungry Horse Reservoir.
The road into Lid Creek Campground changed to dirt and mud.

We traveled to Glacier National Park next, one of the highlights of this summer adventure.

On our next post we get lost on a dirt road on the west side of Glacier…

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