the great smokey mountains national park: part three – the tennessee side

The Great Smokey Mountains are situated along the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. We continue our exploration of the Great Smokies by crossing the border into Tennessee.

But before we go, a side note: Before our visit here, we had just traveled through Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and all of the eastern United States (seven months on the road). During that time we never saw any significant wildlife (we did see a black bear in the White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire), but nothing else until we arrived here in The Great Smokey Mountains National Park. We were greeted by Elk when we arrived and when we left they said farewell. Let’s take a drive through the Tennessee side of The Great Smokies…

The national park spans across both North Carolina and Tennessee.
The road through The Great Smokies.
There are many streams like this along the road through The Great Smokies.
Our Farewell committee, although they don’t appear to be all that interested in anyone’s coming or going.
This one is more interested in finding momma.
These guys are more interested in breakfast, than in saying goodbye.
The time of year is October and the peak season for the leaves changing has already passed.
The thick canopy of evergreen forest hides the topography.
Here’s a little color in the trees.
Around every sharp curve in the road is another glimpse of the beauty here.
Notice the road on the side of the opposite hill, not sure where that is or how to get there. Looks like a turn around perhaps for one of the many hiking trails.
A bald spot in the forest, looks like a meadow.
The Great Smokies shrouded in mist, hence the reason for their name.
Another curve in the road reveals another glimpse of these magnificent mountains.
The view from the road as we continue down the mountains to the valley below.
Mist covered Great Smoky Mountains.
The views as we continue our descent of the mountains.
The mountains seem to go on for ever.
The Great Smokies in October.

Our visit to The Great Smoky Mountains lived up to its reputation as one of the “must see in person” kind of places in the world. Something tells me, we will be returning here for another look in the near future.

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