boondocking in the las cienegas national conservation area

We met up with Leisure Travel Van friends Tony & Maggie from Tucson, Arizona and camped for a few days in Beau of Land Management, Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. No electric or water hookups, completely unplugged and completely free – check it out…

Las Cienegas is part of an old cattle ranch that dates back to the 1870’s. Today it is still a cattle ranch in cooperation with the Beau of Land Management.
The dirt road into and around Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.
The area is surrounded by mountains, this plateau is over 4,000 feet in elevation.
We met up with friends from Tucson, Tony & Maggie.
Tony & Maggie have the same model of Leisure Travel Van as us. The Unity FX.
Sunset in Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.
We opened the hood on our Unity to help discourage packrats and other rodents from climbing into our engine block and chewing wires. Two things rodents don’t like; open air above them and light. I always hang a light above the engine block at night.
Cienegas roughly translated means, “a wetland system that is unique to the American Southwest… Freshwater, spongy wet meadows, permanently saturated ground in otherwise arid landscapes.” (ref.
One of many ponds in the area.
Our campsite from a distance. Many of the trees are being removed since originally this entire area was grasslands and wetlands. When cattle were introduced in the 1870’s it slowly changed the topography to less grasslands and wetlands to heavily wooded.

We love boondocking in Beau of Land Management (BLM) land and in National Forrest. Wide open spaces, unplugged and almost always completely FREE.

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