Big Bend National Park, Texas

Aptly named, Big Bend National Park is BIG! We only explored a small part of the east end. We need to come back when we have more time.
Our campsite in Big Bend.
Don’t leave food out!
Exploring the Rio Grande River.
The road into the park went on for miles and miles. But scenery coming into the park was breath taking!
Rio Grande River on the border of Mexico.
MaryAnn with the traveling pups, Peeta and Luna.
One of the 4 types Yucca plants in Big Bend. This is the Gloriosa Variant Tristis.
MaryAnn exploring.
MaryAnn at the rivers edge.
Turkey Buzzard flying over head.
Rio Grande River.
Exploring huge rock formations at the rivers edge.
Leisure Travel Van, Unity FX. Our Tiny House!
Roadrunner eating breakfast.
Rio Grande.
Hiking through the river canyon.
Roadrunner posing for a snap shot.
Barrel Cactus.
Rio Grande River.
MaryAnn getting tired of me taking her picture.
Prickly Pear cactus.
Me taking Maryann’s picture without her knowing it.
Our Tiny House in Big Bend National Park.
Overlooking the Rio Grande River and Mexico on the other side.
Red Racer crossing the road in front of us.
Couldn’t resist getting another picture.
Rio Grande and Mexico.

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