News from the Homefront

We have been busy with the planning and preparation of our new garage project here in Rio Rico. Our Leisure Travel Van will finally have a place to call home.

Apparently there’s a lot of new building permit requests in Santa Cruz county and our permit request is at the bottom of the list. We’ve been waiting on the building permit for over two months.

In the meantime, there’s still a lot of work to be done in preparation for the work on the garage itself. Repairing the erosion problems and improving the drainage system is top priority.

The future home of our tiny house. As you can see there’s a lot of drainage issues that must be fixed first.
Rain water runs off this hillside from the north.
The drainage issues are being fixed first. A drainage ditch is being cut through the existing cement driveway.
Arrival of the tractor.
This work requires a tractor to do the heavy lifting and digging.
Picture taken from the long driveway to the road. That’s my shadow.
Worker’s are tearing out the old concrete for the new drainage ditch.
Video of the concrete removal.
Part of the concrete has been removed in order to install a drainage ditch.
The location of the drainage ditch.
We get most of the average annual rainfall in just 2-3 months here in southern Arizona during the monsoon.
This will be a spillway down the hill.
The dump truck delivering gravel for the next part of the prep work.
We’re having a septic system installed for the new garage. This is a video of the tractor work.
The location of the septic system.
Workers had to trim some of our trees in order to install the septic system.
A picture of the the septic tank location was painted on the ground for the tractor operator.
Video of the ground breaking.
The septic tank is a little more than 1,000 gallons.
The tank will be located directly behind the garage.
It’s more than 6 feet down.
Workers are preparing to install the leach trench.
A pipe will extend from the septic tank into the leach trench.
Making sure the leach trench is lower than the tank.
Adding the gravel to the leach trench.
Our new garage will have its own septic system so we can dump the holding tanks on our tiny house after our road trips.

The garage project is a long process, this week we’re taking a break from the work and going on a road trip to Cottonwood, Arizona for an RV rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

We will return to the, “I’ve got Georgia On My Mind” series in our next post.

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