Summer Adventure 2021: Conclusion – The Road Home to Southern Arizona

We left Three Island Crossing State Park in Glenns Ferry, Idaho on July 7 with a 2 1/2 day drive ahead of us to get to our home on the border of Mexico.

The road home through Nevada.

Before we left Glenns Ferry, we stopped to pay our respects to those trail blazers, the pioneers of the 1800’s who had gone before us in nothing more than a horse drawn wagon on wooden wheels with no suspension and most of the time just walked along next to the wagon, because they only had room in the wagon for supplies.

Don’t forget, there weren’t any roads either, they were making their own roads. Makes me want to stop complaining about bad road conditions. Come along as we journey home from Idaho to southern Arizona…

The RV of the 1800’s.
Monument to the pioneers that came before us.
MaryAnn’s reading the plaques giving the history of the pioneers crossing the Snake River here in Idaho.
The route of the wagon trains across the United States in the 1800’s.
A little easier to cross the Snake River now.
Snake River
Snake River from the road.
Snake River
Snake River from the road.

Pictures from the road to Ely, Nevada from Twin Falls, Idaho…

Pics from the road through southern Idaho.
Pics from the road.
Pics from the road.
The Nevada border.

Now on to our stop for the night, Ely, Nevada. We try to keep our drive time down to around 300 miles per day.

Can’t resist a beautiful straight road.
Pics from the road in Nevada.
Pics from the road.
These pics were taken at around 70 miles per hour.
The road through the desert of northeast Nevada.
The road south through Nevada.
Pics from the road.
Our stop for the night in Ely, Nevada.
Our campsite for the night.
We stopped here at this RV Park in Ely in May 2018 on our way to Alaska. I think it was the same campsite too! This is the picture we took of ourselves here in Ely on that trip.
Another angle of our campsite.
The road to Las Vegas.
Pics from the road.

I was driving when we went through Vegas, but there’s plenty of pictures of the Vegas area in previous posts on this blog.

Arizona border!
Colorado River in northern Arizona.
Colorado River.
Northern Arizona

We stopped in Kingman, Arizona our second night. Although we prefer not staying at KOA campgrounds, it was the only place with space available.

We drove through the Phoenix and Tucson area on our way home. Pictures of these areas can be seen in previous posts on this blog.

Rio Rico Mountain, we are almost home!
Our driveway.
Closest neighbor to our west. Our house sits on a little more than 5 acres. This pic was looking west from our driveway.
Our front yard.
This is where we park our tiny house when we’re not traveling. This is also the site of our future garage project for the tiny house.
Our backyard.
We’re home! A monsoon thunderstorm is greeting us!

We’re home now until late September/October. We’re preparing for a huge project here at the house. We’re having a garage built for the tiny house and hopefully it will be done by Christmas. More to come on the garage project in future posts. Until next week safe travels everyone!

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