Summer Adventure 2021: Week Seven – Hiking, kayaking and Ebiking in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho.

We ended our summer adventure earlier then we had planned because of a leaking radiator reservoir and a malfunctioning generator.

But before we left the Sawtooth Mountains we did a little hiking, kayaking and ebiking. We also celebrated Jane’s birthday with some of our campsite neighbors, now friends from Idaho – Rick & Chalae.

First a few pics from around the Redfish Lake and the Sawtooth Mountains National Forest area…

Sawtooth Mountains
Pics from the road of the Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Salmon River with the Sawtooth Mountains in the background.
Sawtooth Mountains
Salmon River

Pics from one of the many hiking trails here in the national forest.

From the trails, picture taken by MaryAnn.
From the trail, picture by MaryAnn.
From the trails, picture by MaryAnn.
From the trails, by MaryAnn.
MaryAnn & me kayaking on Redfish Lake.
Tai & Jane on Redfish Lake
Tai & Jane on Redfish Lake.
Tai & Jane
MaryAnn’s getting ready for our next bike ride in the Sawtooth Mountains National Forest.
From our bike ride through the national forest.
MaryAnn’s getting tired of me taking her picture.
MaryAnn & me stopped to get a selfie while riding our bikes at Redfish Lake.
Jane’s birthday party at the campground.
Our neighbors, Rick, Chalae and their daughter & husband came over from their next door campsite to help celebrate Jane’s birthday.
Our campsite neighbor, Rick singing happy birthday to Jane.
The fluid on the ground is our radiator fluid. Tai had a spray can of sealant we used to nurse our tiny house down the mountain for repairs.
Beautiful views of the Sawtooth Mountains, reminding us that a little radiator leak was a small problem for our big God, creator of the universe!
This yellow bowl/reservoir is supposed to be white and it’s leaking everywhere. This was caused by exposure to the Arizona sun.

I had been leaving the hood up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while our tiny house was parked at our home in southern Arizona to help discourage the packrat population in the area from eating the wiring in our engine block. This caused sun damage to our radiator reservoir.

All is well, we’ll get our tiny house fixed and our adventures will continue…

We love traveling, seeing new places and the road getting to new places offers great adventures. What we love most about traveling is the people we meet along the way.

In our next post we traveled limping along, nursing our leaking radiator reservoir to Three Islands Crossing State Park and then on to Boise, Idaho to a Mercedes Benz repair shop.

4 thoughts on “Summer Adventure 2021: Week Seven – Hiking, kayaking and Ebiking in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho.”

  1. Would have loved to have joined you and Tai. Of course we would only have been able to pick you up down stream and returned you to camp. “The Double D’s”

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