Summer Adventure 2021: Our Last days in Idaho

We left the Sawtooth Mountains and continued southwest to our last stop on our tour of Idaho, “Three Island Crossing State Park,” just outside Glenns Ferry on the Snake River.

Our plan was to stay two nights at Three Island Crossing and try to make arrangements at a Mercedes Benz dealership either in Las Vegas, Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah or Boise, Idaho. I started calling these three locations as soon as they opened for business Tuesday morning, the first day after our arrival at Three Island Crossing.

The dealership in Las Vegas had an opening on Friday, three days later and even though we didn’t want to drive that far with our radiator reservoir leaking, I made the appointment as a plan “B” if the other two dealerships couldn’t help us.

The Mercedes Benz dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah didn’t have any openings or concern for our situation. When I called the Mercedes Benz dealership in Boise, the service tech said, “They didn’t have any openings, but took my phone number and said he would check to see if they had the part I needed.”

He called me back about an hour later and said, “He had the part and even though they didn’t have an appointment available they would squeeze us in and get the radiator fixed that day since we were traveling and we were such a long distance from home.” We were so grateful for their willingness to help, Boise, being the closest to us, about a two hour drive, was our first choice of places to take our tiny house for repairs anyway.

So we drove the two hours to Boise for the repairs on the radiator. When we arrived the service tech said, “They just had a cancellation and could take us right away.” About two hours later we were back on the road to Three Island Crossing State Park to spend our last night in Idaho before going back home to southern Arizona. The Lord took care of things for us that day.

Come along with us as we finish up our Summer Adventure of 2021…

The road through southern Idaho.

Pics from the road through southern Idaho…

The mountains slowly gave way to the plains.
Forest gave way to grasslands.
Mountains and grasslands of Idaho.
Pics from the road.
Prong Horn
Pics from the road.
Slowly the topography begins to change.
The mountains give way to flat lands.
As far as we could see open grasslands.
Snake River.
The old wagon train trail of the 1800’s. We’re traveling in a modern day wagon.
Three Island Crossing is on the Snake River.
Three Island Crossing is rich with historical heritage. Thousands of pioneers passed through this area in the 1800’s going west to start a new home for themselves. The Three Island Crossing is where they crossed the Snake River to continue their journey west.
Three Island Crossing State Park
Our campsite for the next couple nights.
Our campsite.
An unexpected visitor greeted us at our campsite.
The welcoming committee to Three Island Crossing.
Another angle of our campsite.
Tai and Jane were parked right next to us.

Some pics from the road to Boise from Three Island Crossing State Park near Glenns Ferry, Idaho…

The town of Glenns Ferry located on the banks of the Snake River.
Pics from the road to Boise.
The road to Boise, Idaho.
The Snake River from the road.
The road was used as a wagon train trail for the early settlers going west.
Wind turbines.
Pics from the road.
Pics from the road.
The wagons took the path of least resistance.
Pics from the road.
The wagon train trails are now a modern highway.
Snake River

The picture your about to see may be hard to look at, viewer discretion is advised…

Before the repairs of the radiator reservoir. This is two years of abuse by the Arizona sun. Do not leave your hood open on your RV. I was trying to discourage pack rats 🐀
After the repairs and $382 later. Could have been worse I know. Notice how white the new radiator reservoir is compared to the old one.
Our last campsite in Idaho.

From Idaho we continued southwest through Nevada and then on into northern Arizona. We still have a two and a half day journey ahead of us in order to get back home on the border of Mexico.

In our next post we will travel home from Idaho to southern Arizona. Until next time, safe travels my friends…

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