Summer Adventure 2021: Week Seven – Ghost Town in the Salmon-Challis National Forest and Pics from the Road to Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Before we explored the nearby ghost town here in the Salmon-Challis National Forest we did some hiking in the area. Included in this post are pics around our campground.

On one of our hikes we discovered what could have been an outhouse used by Bigfoot, if they really do exist. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Bigfoot.

From our campsite in the national forest we stopped to tour the mining town of Custer City established in 1877. Then on to Boise National Forest and the Sawtooth Mountains National Forest…

Salmon River in the Sawtooth Mountains
Pics from around our campsite in the Salmon-Challis National Forest.
Our campsite.
Cliffs surrounding our campsite.
Tai and Jane.
Jane and one of our traveling pups, Peeta hiking near our campsite.
Jane checking out Bigfoot’s toilet??
Tai in front, Doreen, MaryAnn and Jane in the foreground.
Jane climbing some of the huge boulders.
MaryAnn and Jane.

Now let’s explore some of the ghost town, Custer City.

Custer City, Idaho was established in 1877 in support of gold mining operations in the area, it is now a ghost town. In 1981 the town was put on the US National Register of Historic Places.
Today there’s a museum in the town containing many of the artifacts left behind by the people who lived, worked and died here.
The museum and store as well as some of the other remaining buildings are managed by local volunteers who live in nearby Challis.
Dentist chair used in Custer City in 1877.
Three sisters died in their sleep when a snow slide tore through their home in the middle of the night. The house was pushed across town and into the Salmon River. The parents survived. Sadly this tragedy could have been prevented since the parents were warned the snow slide was going to happen and they had plenty of time to evacuate but chose to stay. The girls were age 10, 6, and 4.
A bench next to the graves of the three sisters.
The cemetery at Custer City.
Sad epitaph.
Many of the people who lived in Custer City died from snow slides.
At 7 months old, Julian started having difficulty feeding, followed by convulsions. His mother discovered that placing Julian in warm bath water helped to ease the seizure. As a result she would always keep a bucket of hot water on the stove in preparation for the next seizure.
However, on one occasion when a seizure came on the mother rushed to get the bucket of hot water only to find it empty, a visiting friend had used it to wash the dishes. The mother ran down the street to the town saloon in search of a bucket of hot water, when she returned home with the water, the boy was already dead.
Life in Custer City was very difficult due to the hard winters, total isolation and lack of medical care.
Another snow slide victim. People were buried here because it was not possible for them to be taken to the main cemetery in the nearby town of Bonanza.
Sad. I would imagine this place would become quite depressing during the long, difficult and isolated winter months.
Custer City covers an area of 29 acres, but only 7 of the remaining buildings are structurally sound enough to be part of the National Registry of Historic Places.
The Pfeiffer Residence in Custer City.
Charles Pfeiffer built this home for his wife in 1890 . The roof was made from flattened tin cans. Charles worked for his uncle at the town store and later for the General Mill.
Video of the inside of the Pfeiffer home.
Looks like a nice bathtub.
The Pfeiffer house.
This building has a lot of stories to tell.

Pics of the road from Salmon-Challis National Forest to Redfish Lake and the Sawtooth Mountains. I took hundreds of pictures from the road, take a look at just a few of them…

Pics from the road.
From the road.
From the road.
Now that’s a beautiful road!
Pics from the road.
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains Range.
More pics from the road.
The road seems to go on forever.
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Sawtooth Mountains
Pics from the road in the Sawtooth Mountains
Now here’s a beautiful road to nowhere!
We switched from the Salmon-Challis National Forest to the Boise National Forest and then to the Sawtooth Mountains National Forest.
Still in the Sawtooth Mountains.
Sawtooth Mountains
Salmon River.
Sawtooth Mountains National Forest
Salmon River in the Sawtooth Mountains.
Sawtooth Mountains

We stayed in the national forest campground called, “Mount Heyburn Campground.”

Our campsite at Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains National Forest.
Our campsite was quite large. One of the reasons we prefer camping in national forests.
Redfish Lake.
There are two Redfish lakes, Little Redfish Lake and Redfish Lake. We camped at the larger of the two lakes – Redfish Lake.

In our next post we will explore this beautiful area of the Sawtooth Mountains. Go kayaking on Redfish Lake and ebiking in the national forest. Before we move south to Three Island Crossing State Park on the Snake River…

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