Summer Adventure 2021: Week One On The Road – part one

In this first installment of our summer adventure 2021 we left our home in Arizona on May 23rd. We plan to be on the road for two months exploring eastern Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Our first stop was at White Tank Mountain Regional Park west of Phoenix. This is one of our favorite county parks in Arizona, not expensive and the views are outstanding!

From White Tank Mountain we continued our journey to Las Vegas where we planned to meet up with friends and traveling companions, Tai and Jane who will join us on our latest epic adventure.

After meeting up with Tai & Jane and spending the night at their beautiful home driveway camping, we continued on to Ward Mountain Campground in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest in eastern Nevada.

The view from our campsite in White Tank Mountains. Notice the bird on the picnic table.
Before we can start our summer adventure we have to pack. In our Komo Rear Storage I packed our two ebikes, an inflatable kayak and various gear for our trip.
The Traveling Pups are ready to get on the Barber road!
All systems go! Engage!
About four hours latter we arrived at White Tank Mountains!
Our campsite in the White Tank Mountains.
Another angle of our campsite.
The view from our front door.
The Traveling Pups enjoying the view at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.
Another view from the campground, this is Phoenix in the distance.
Part of the Hoover Dam from the road to Las Vegas.
Welcome to Nevada!
Driveway camping at Tai & Jane’s house in Las Vegas. Tomorrow we begin our summer adventure 2021.
Tai & Jane’s house the night before we start our road trip. Next stop is Ward Mountain!
Pics from the road through eastern Nevada.
From the road to Ward Mountain.
From the road in eastern Nevada.
The road in eastern Nevada.
Snow covered mountains were around every curve in the road.
More from the road.
Ward Mountain in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.
Here we are at Ward Mountain and the beginning of our summer adventure!
Our campsite at Ward Mountain Campground.
Sunset on Ward Mountain.
Me & MaryAnn on the third day of our summer adventure 2021. Two months to go on the Barber Road!

We’re just getting started, on our next post we travel the road from Ward Mountain to the Great Basin National Park…

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