News from the homefront

We’ve been busy preparing for our next road trip adventure. In just two days we’ll be back on the road again this time for two months! The road is calling us to eastern Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Our first stop after leaving Arizona will be in Las Vegas to meet up with fellow Leisure Travel Van (LTV) owners and good friends of ours, Tai and Jane, who will be joining us on this trip. Tai and Jane have the LTV “2019 Serenity” model, ours is the LTV “2018 Unity FX” model.

We plan to boondock in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest near The Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada. Spend Memorial Day weekend at Hill Air Force Base near Salt Lake City, Utah. Then on to The Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone in western Wyoming.

Then we plan on meandering through Wyoming for a while before heading north to Montana and The Glacier National Park. In mid June we plan to cross over into northern Idaho and spend a month meandering through the National Forest and the many mountain lakes of Idaho.

Our neighborhood roadrunner stop in for a visit while we were busy preparing for our trip.
Our latest addition to our arsenal, we’re planning on kayaking as many lakes as possible on this trip.
MaryAnn is getting excited about our next adventure! She can’t wait to do some kayaking.
The kayak is inflatable and when deflated fits into this bag, giving us plenty room for other things in our Tiny House.
We took our new kayak to a nearby lake to see if it would float – it did! There is a learning curve for getting into and out of a kayak. Hopefully we’ll get the hang of it.
We do have life vests, we were in the process of putting things away when a passer by offered to take our picture and we forgot we had already taken off our life vests..
Since we added the kayak, we needed to add this shelf in our Komo Chest to give us room for the ebikes and the kayak equipment. The ebikes will fold up and be placed on the shelves, the kayak will store on the right of the shelves.
The traveling pups got a much needed haircut in preparation for our next adventure, they’re getting very excited as well!
They look so much smaller after going to the groomers.
We bought a new bed/cot for the traveling pups while we’re hanging out at the campsite.
Hopefully this will keep the pups off the ground and out of the dirt.
The blanket on the top of the pups bed/cot.
Luna looks quite comfy on her new bed/cot.
I don’t think she is liking me taking her picture.
The pups like their new bed!
Peeta is also enjoying his new bed.
Peeta is taking a nap on his new bed.
FedEx dropped off these huge packages! What could be inside?
New Ebikes! Yep, we decided to upgrade our bikes to one that can go twice as far and is twice as powerful!
Of course these are folding bikes. It’s the only way to go when space is at a premium living in 180 square feet.
A lot of packing material had to be removed before we could actually see what our bikes looked like.
Here it is! Our new Ebikes! These bikes were made in Taiwan. Ebikes are made in Asia, anywhere from Vietnam to China.
Both our new bikes are green. It was the only choice since we didn’t want white.
It’s “Blix, Vika+.” “Vika” is Swedish for “folding”. The lithium battery is 48 volts and the motor is 500 watts. It can travel 45+ miles on a charge.

All our supplies are collected and our clothes are packed. Fresh water tank is cleaned and sanitized, black and gray water tanks are cleaned and empty. Tires are checked, oil level is good and batteries are ready. The road is calling and we must obey! Come along with us as we continue our adventures on the “Barber road…”

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