Southern Arizona Leisure Travel Van Tour 2021: Day One & Two

The people on our Southern Arizona Tour 2021. From the back row, left: Me, Gordon, Nathan, Ed, Cynthia, Kerry, Tai, and Jane; Second Row from left: Bill ( Marge not available for picture), MaryAnn, Maggie, Tony, Paula, Maureen; Front Row from left: Jon, Mary, Suzy, Dawn, Dave, Linda, Jim, Paulet, and Dany

Consensus is that the first day of our tour was a success! We didn’t lose anyone and everyone had a great time exploring the Saguaro National Park and the Colossal Cave Mountain Park, both located fifteen miles east of Tucson, Arizona.

Here we are in Casa Grande with the Traveling Pups the day before we left for the Southern Arizona Tour.

We’ve stopped for a two night stay at San Pedro RV Resort and Community Campground in Benson, Arizona. While in Benson, some of the people in our group will explore nearby Kartchner Caverns while others hiked and did some bike riding in Kartchner Caverns State Park. We also toured the Amerind Museum and Cochise Strong Hold National Recreation Area and did some bird watching.

Our caravan of twelve Leisure Travel Vans (LTV) lining up to begin our tour of southern Arizona.

This time of year, April through June, Arizona is in its dry season. Temperatures in the low 50’s (Fahrenheit) at night and low to mid 80’s during the day. Perfect weather for rattlesnakes, so everyone will be on the lookout for these not so sociable creatures, especially since they’re a little on the grumpy side just becoming active after the cold winter months here in southern Arizona. Come along and witness the beauty and splendor of southern Arizona…

Saguaro National Park East
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
When cattle were introduced to this area, they were instrumental in spreading Mesquite trees – causing a massive reduction in the number of saguaro in the park.
Saguaro National Park
Cholla also known as Jumping Cactus
Leisure Travel Vans driving the 8 mile loop through Saguaro National park East
The road to Colossal Cave
Colossal Cave Entrance
The view from Colossal Cave
The view from Colossal Cave
Gordon, Cynthia (back to us) and Suzi next to Gordon and Suzi’s LTV
The parking lot at Colossal Cave
Some of the LTV owners and their LTV
Three LTV’s approaching the entrance to Colossal Cave. Photo by Paulette Rezendes
Photo by Paulette Rezendes
Photo by Paulette Rezendes
Gordon’s parking job at Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Our first stop for two nights, Benson, Arizona
Our first RV park. This park is in Benson
Our LTV’s parked at San Pedro RV Resort
San Pedro RV Resort
Our campsite at San Pedro Resort
We visited the Amerind Art Gallery and Museum while in Benson
Amerind Museum
LTV owner Roland at Amerind
MaryAnn at Amerind
We ate lunch in the picnic area at Amerind.
Small State Park at Kartchner Caverns

Each night at San Pedro Resort Community we gathered together for food, fun and fellowship. The next stop will be to The Chiricahua Mountains National Monument…

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