FDR’s Little White House, Warm Springs, Georgia

We visited Roosevelt’s Little White House in May, 2019 where he passed away from an aneurism on April 12, 1945, while sitting at his desk having his portrait painted. Check it out…

A very interesting gem in the back country of western Georgia. Definitely off the the beaten path.
It’s a state historic site, not a national.
President Roosevelt came here seeking relief from Polio, a disease he contracted as a child living in Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.
MaryAnn is getting tired of me taking her picture.
MaryAnn walking toward FDR’s Little White House where he spent a lot of time not only running the country, but running World War ll.
This is the desk FDR was sitting at when he collapsed and died of an aneurism.
He was having his portrait painted at the time of his death, it was never completed.
FDR’s bedroom.
His bathroom, right down to the role of toilet paper that was there when he died.
FDR’s dining room.
The room FDR died in and the desk he used everyday.
FDR was a member of the Masons.
His wheel chair and shoes.
MaryAnn walking the grounds at the Little White House. Every state is represented by a stone replica of the state and its flag.
MaryAnn walking up to the servants quarters.
Guest quarters.
The Little White House.
One of FDR’s cars.
Another of his cars.
MaryAnn on the grounds at the Little White House.
I was born in Ohio.
I met MaryAnn in Texas in the military. MaryAnn is from New York.
We live in Arizona.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt came here to the hills of western Georgia for the hot springs seeking relief from the ravishes of a childhood disease. He brought electricity and the telephone to this area of Georgia as well and built a nearby hot springs fed Olympic size swimming pool for other children and adults stricken by Polio to also seek relief from this horrible disease.

This was a good place to visit, hard to find – we stumbled upon this place while on our way to Shiloh, Georgia to see one of MaryAnn’s many cousins. If you are ever in western Georgia, make sure you stop at FDR’s Little White House…

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