yorktown, virginia

We visited the Yorktown Battlefield in June 2019. Yorktown was the site of the last major battle for America’s Independence from Britain in 1781. British General Cornwallis surrendered to American General Washington. The battle consisted of the British and the Germans against the Americans and the French.

Yorktown, Virginia
Visitor Center at Yorktown.
The monument at Yorktown.

The Battle at Yorktown marks the completion of America’s independence from England and the freedom to embark on it’s own journey as a sovereign nation. From here America has become a testament as the greatest nation of democracy and freedom in the history of the world.

It seems fitting America won it’s independence in the same place it all started, one hundred seventy four years earlier in 1706 at Jamestown, Virginia. It’s a tragedy that on April 17, 1861, eighty years after the victory in 1781, Virginia would vote for secession from the United States over states rights to govern themselves and the Civil War that followed.

See, we really were at Yorktown.

The Yorktown Battlefield Monument commemorates the Victory over the British and the eventual independence and freedom from Britain. The 13 women holding arms on the monument represent the 13 original colonies and their commitment to unity. The words under the 13 women says, “one country; one constitution; one destiny.”.

Commemorating the treaty/alliance with the French to help us win the war for independence from the British.
A beautiful testament to victory over tyranny, oppression and the beginning of democracy – “We the people…”
Lady Liberty at the top of the monument.
A very inspirational place, it seems fitting that America won it’s independence in the same place where it all began in 1607 – Virginia.
A marching band made up of youth marched by us celebrating American freedom and victory at Yorktown.
MaryAnn made a few new friends.
To give a little perspective of the size of the monument, MaryAnn is standing at the base to the left.
A dear came out of the woods to greet us while we were visiting the monument.

The Yorktown monument is a place every American should visit as a reminder of where we came from and to reflect on where we are headed as a nation. I wonder if our forefathers had our current political and cultural climate in mind when they wrote the constitution and fought to give birth to The United States of America…

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