historic JamesTowne, virginia

We camped at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Cheatham Annex while visiting nearby Jamestown National Historic Site.

Apparently early on, the name of the settlement was spelled with an “E” at the end – Jamestowne. Exploring Jamestowne, was inspirational, it’s the first permanent English colony in America, established in 1607.

Take a look at the road from Virginia Beach to the Cheatham Annex and then on to Jamestowne…

The road from Virginia Beach to Cheatham Annex and our next campsite.
Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnels
Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnels
Aircraft Carrier seen our way to Cheatham Annex.
Here’s our home for the next couple days. Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, Virginia. Full hookups, cable and Wifi for $30 a night.
The road to Jamestowne historic site.
Original site for the Jamestowne settlement is on an island. Crossing the James River.
The Back River.
The road to these historic sites is called Colonial Parkway.
Notice the “E” at the end of Jamestown.
The Jamestowne settlement was the first permanent British colony established in 1607.
The bridge walkway to the Jamestowne settlement.
The bridge walkway crosses over swamp land.
Jamestown Historic Site is surrounded by water.
The entryway into Jamestowne Fort and Townsite.
MaryAnn and the traveling pups at the statue of Pocahontas, a Native American woman belonging to the Powhatan People.
Me and MaryAnn
The first English laws enacted here in America.
The church is where the first American government and laws were established in 1619, one year before the landing at Plymouth Rock.
The church at Jamestowne.
Inside the church.
The monument commemorating the first permanent colony of England in America.
MaryAnn and the traveling pups at the statue of John Smith.
One more picture from Jamestowne National Historic Site an original well/garbage dump of 1607. Tomorrow we head for Richmond , Virginia and then West Virginia and the George Washington National Forest. West Virginia will be state number 30 in our tiny house in just a year and nine months of ownership.
The cross commemorates the lives of the first settlers who came here in 1607 and gave their lives to found the United States of America
While we were at Jamestown a thunderstorm rolled in turning the sky black.
The storm encouraged us to leave Jamestown.
The Back River.
Whitetail Dear in the area of Jamestowne.
The road to our next stop – Yorktown.

Jamestown stands as a testament to the hardships and sacrifices our forefathers endured to establish an English colony in what is now this great nation of America.

Jamestown is inspirational, evoking emotions of pride and wonder of how the colonists left the comfort and security of their homes in England to travel so far across a vast ocean to an unknown wilderness and faced great dangers to establish a permanent settlement here – an awesome adventure!

If you’ve never been to Jamestown, I encourage you to add it to your list of places to see before you leave this world…

2 thoughts on “historic JamesTowne, virginia”

  1. An awesome experience to view and for you to have. I enjoyed how much God came into play in founding our country even when it was still under Britain’s rule. Loved the statue and church photos.
    Thank you,
    Jan Flynt

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jan, God was and is always in control. He is never surprised or shocked or caught off guard. However, I’m sure God is saddened by the horrible things humanity does. Thanks again for the positive and encouraging comment.


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