the road to jacksonville, florida

Interstate 10 Series:

We began traveling on Interstate 10 east in southern Arizona and drove over 2,000 miles through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. From Alabama, Interstate 10 continues through the Pan Handle-Pensacola area and Tallahassee ending in Jacksonville, Florida and the Atlantic Ocean. We have traveled this road many times through rain and sunshine, wind and calm. Follow along as we travel Interstate 10 to Jacksonville…

Interstate 10 through the western Pan Handle of Florida.
Western Pan Handle as seen from I-10 in the rain.
One of our favorite places to stop for the night is Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area on the Gulf of Mexico.
Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area campsite.
Our campsite.
Sunset at Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area.
MaryAnn and the Traveling Pups at Blue Angel Naval Rec. Area.
Sunset at Blue Angel Naval Rec. Area.
Pelicans like Blue Angel Naval Rec. Area.
Interstate 10 east through the Pan Handle of Florida.
A rest stop on Interstate 10.
Another RV park we have stopped at for a night near Tallahassee.
Interstate 10 east.
Rainy day on Interstate 10 in Florida.
We stopped for the night at an RV park called “A Stones Throw,” near Lamont, Florida east of Tallahassee. The Traveling Pups are stretching their legs after a day of driving.
A Stones Throw RV park in Lamont, Florida.
Many rivers and lakes along Interstate 10 throughout Florida.
Lake Jesup near Jacksonville, Florida.
Saint Johns River near Jacksonville.
The bridge over Saint Johns River into Jacksonville.
Saint Johns River.
Part of downtown Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is the end of the line for Interstate 10 east. In our next post we will start west on Interstate 10 from Tucson, in southern Arizona to California and the Pacific Ocean. Interstate 10 runs the entire length of the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. Follow along as we continue our exploration of this amazing road…

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