meet the traveling pups

The Traveling Pups – from left to right: Luna and Peeta, in Orlando, Florida.

The Traveling Pups have visited 44 states and 6 Canadian Provinces including ridding on fairies across the Atlantic Ocean to Newfoundland. The pups have not been to Alaska yet, they stayed home with relatives while we were on our two and a half month trip to Alaska.

However, they have traveled over 50,000 miles and swam in streams, lakes and oceans from the west coast to the east coast of the United States. They have visited the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Stone Mountain of Georgia, and the Sierra-Nevada Mountains of California. These pups have been almost everywhere, cross the Delaware River, the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, and the Tennessee River, just to name a few. They aren’t finished yet! There’s still plenty for them to see and do on their bucket list! If you like dogs, you will love these traveling pups…

From left to right: Luna, Peeta and Anakin. At Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

The Traveling Pups were actually our late daughter’s dogs. We adopted Luna and Peeta when our daughter passed away in December 2017. Our daughter named Peeta after a character in the movie Hunger Games and she named Luna after her favorite saying, “I love you to the moon and back.”

Our daughter had a cat she had named Anakin after the character in the Star Wars Movie, she said the cat had a little bit of the dark side in him. She was right, we had to give the cat to someone else in the family, he was too much for us to handle.

Their favorite viewing area inside our tiny house on wheels.
Luna at Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona
The Traveling Pups in our Tiny House.
Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah.
The Traveling Pups in their favorite viewing spot in our tiny house.
Luna sporting a new hair cut.
The Traveling Pups relaxing in Orlando, Florida.
Luna and Peeta sporting their travel clothes.
Peeta and Luna love to travel.
Peeta at Campobello Island, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada.
Louisiana Bayou.
Boondocking in the Dixie National Forest, Utah.
Dixie National Forest, Utah.
Somewhere in Canada.
Gloucester, Massachusetts.
The pups relaxing in our tiny house.
The Traveling Pups are early morning risers.
On the border of Vermont and New Hampshire on a warm summer day.
White Mountains, New Hampshire.
The Traveling Pups doing what they do best while we are on the road.
The Traveling Pups relaxing in their backyard in southern Arizona.
Luna in her favorite chair.
Luna in her favorite chair, keeping watch over her backyard. She gets upset if a bird lands in her backyard.
Luna is tired in Montreal, Canada.
Peeta relaxing in Montreal, Canada.
Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona.
Newport, Rhode Island.
Outer Banks, North Carolina.
Peeta loves to roll in the dirt at Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge.
Peeta loves to roll in the dirt.
Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge.
Grand-Staircase National Monument, Utah.
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.
Caballo Lake State Park, New Mexico.
Nova Scotia, Canada.
June Lake, Inyo National Forest, California.
Luna is a celebrity!
A celebrity!
A celebrity!
The Traveling Pups in Luna’s favorite chair.
Intruder alert! The pups don’t like it when the neighbors come around! Can you see the cow on the other side of the wall.
Intruder alert! The Martians have landed!
Eastern Arizona on the border of New Mexico. Near the Chiricahua Mountains.
We have to get these pups a hair cut!
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.
Luna in our tiny house.
Our family photo.

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